Bachelor Nation’s Demi Burnett Slams Reality Steve’s “B.S.” Apology

Bachelor Nation's Demi Burnett Slams Reality Steve's "B.S." Apology

She shared that “makes me the craziest” because of her claim that Steve began to treat her more friendlyly.

“She hated me badly, called me the worst name, as if she is upset, she just does everything for herself, says mean things about me, I think it’s been years now Are, ”she explained. “And then the second I gave him the time of day, like, I think he’s at peace with him, there’s a friendly relationship, so maybe he’ll stop talking about me, he stops being bad-tempered.”

Demi feels that once she and Steve started talking privately, “They stopped saying that I was getting upset, they stopped saying that I was super selfish. They did all this about me.” Stopped saying ugly, ugly things. And they didn’t say anything. “

His takeaway? “So, frankly, the job I was doing. I was like, ‘I’m going to be good with him, so he won’t talk bad about me, he won’t beat me, he won’t gossip about me.’ And it worked. ”

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