Baby Shark Movie Is Happening, Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back to Theaters

It’s impossible to believe that there was a time when baby shark It didn’t invade the lives of millions of parents in the worst way possible, and what’s even more improbable is that the event started only about five years ago. Real baby shark The video is now the most-watched video on YouTube, with an unimaginable 9 billion views, and in case you didn’t know there’s also a TV series that became the most-watched video among children under five in the second quarter of this year. One of the most watched shows. So it’s not really a stretch to see why plans are now being made for a second season of the TV show and the inevitable movie version.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ramsey Naito, president of Nickelodeon Animation, said, “It’s so exciting that we get to build on that success with a bigger event. [in the feature film], which we are just starting to talk about.”

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Nickelodeon will co-produce Baby Shark: The Movie With SmartStudy, the company responsible for the Pinkfong brand that was essentially responsible for taking baby shark And making it into the cultural phenomenon that we all don’t help but get stuck in our heads. Pinkfong USA CEO Bin Jeong said in the same interview that they can’t wait to expand further baby shark From the world to the big screen.

Jeong said, “We are very excited to partner with Nickelodeon to present Baby Shark’s debut. This will be an opportunity for us to introduce new events in the life of Baby Shark that have not been seen before. It is still the original world But this is an opportunity for us to see what more we can do.”

In regards to the song’s popularity, he said, “You can fix everything and still not hit [level]. So it’s a bit of magic. But when we try to analyze it, at first it is based on a traditional solo chant, and we gave it a new twist. We gave it a more modern, pop-like tune and rhythm. And there was also the character of Baby Shark and his family behind the song which people instantly fell in love with.”

It was clearly the immediate appeal of the song with kids that made Nickelodeon bang the door for being a part of it. Naito continued, “We want to be the home of great IP that speaks to kids and families everywhere. So when we partnered with Pinkfong, we immediately started creating a story that captivated families We knew the song would appeal to everyone, because everyone knows about it. But we felt like the show really centered around Baby Shark and his family, his community, his group of friends, and that In building the family, we’ve also created friend characters, … villains and supervillains that create conflict and growth within these great relationships. It goes a long way to say that it all started with a song that all and we felt this was an opportunity to tell a story that fit perfectly within the preschool demo and appealed to families.”

To parents around the world, baby shark what is youtube doing for jaw Saagar did it, and now it looks like it’s about to do the same on the big screen. you have been warned.

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