Augmented reality NFT platform Anima gets backing from Coinbase – TechCrunch

Augmented reality NFT platform Anima gets backing from Coinbase – ClearTips

Augmented Reality and Irreplaceable Token, Do I Need to Say Anything Else? Yes? Oh, well NXT certainly had its moment in 2021, but the question of what they do or what can be done to them is definitely being voiced more often because the speculative gold rush is quiet And people start thinking more about how digital goods can evolve in the future.

Anima, a small creative crypto startup created by the founders of the photo / video app Ultraviolet, which Flipboard acquired back in 2014, wants to use AR to change the way NFT art and collectibles are viewed and shared. His latest venture is an effort to help artists bring their digital creations to a larger digital stage and help explore what the future of NXT will look like in augmented reality.

The startup has put together a $ 500k pre-seed round from Coinbase Ventures, Divergence Ventures, Flamingo DAO, Lyle Owerko and Andrew Unger.

Co-founder Alex Herrity says, “As NXT moves away from a more speculative market where it’s all about returns on your purchases, I think it’s healthy and it’s especially good for us Because we want to make things that are more accessible. “

His broader vision is finding ways for digital objects to interact with the real world, something that has been a very important concern for the AR world over the years, although augmented reality development recently cooled Is because producers have been overwhelmed by the wait-and-see attitude towards new releases from Apple and Facebook. Both the AR and NXT locations are incredibly early, something Anima’s co-founders were quick to accept, but they feel that both spaces have matured enough that the gimmick is out in the open.

“There is a context shift that occurs when you see AR as a vehicle that has a tangential relationship with something you’ve gathered or what you see is a lifestyle accessory that’s now common. Is where it is little more than an experiential gimmick, ”co-founder Neil Voss tells ClearTips.

The team has already worked with a few artists as they conducted early experiments to bring digital art objects to AR and they are launching a marketplace based on the Concensus’ Palm platform at the end of next month, where they Hoping to showcase their future partnership more.

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