Attack of the Murder Hornets documentary shares exclusive, disturbing clip

Murder hornets, the movie, is almost here: See an exclusive clip

In Murder Hornets’ new Discovery Plus documentary attack, beekeeper Ted McFall makes the dreadful discovery that his bees have been wiped out by warts.

Discovery Plus video screenshot by Leslie Katz / CNET

As if 2020 was not terrible enough, we committed murder to fight together. You may have suppressed all memories of the gay Asian giant hornet Made his way to north america Last year, but send them through their brain to discuss again about a new documentary.

The Murder Hornets attack, coming to Discovery Plus on Saturday, February 20, hunts reindeer to stop the US invasion of the dreaded insect, which grows up to 2 inches long and likes to rot bees for sport (a The horn of the horn itself can be 20 bees a minute, and a small group can destroy the hive of 30,000 bees in an hour and a half). Many stings can be fatal from the insect, and in Japan alone horns are broken by up to 50 people a year.

How do you take down a top-hunter with a sting to kill a human? The film’s central question is from director Michael Paul Stephenson (Best Worst Movie, The American Scream). The film combines slashers and 1950s creature-feature tropes as it tracks a team of beekeepers, scientists and government employees determined to find and destroy the Asian giant hornets before they become a massively dangerous threat Go.

Spoiler Alert: In October, Washington State Department of Agriculture First kill horny nest Found in the US. The nest was the size of a basketball and contained about 100 horns.

Watch a tense clip for the Murder Hornets attack below, complete with foreboding music that outlines images of a poor bee foster who saves tens of thousands of his beloved bees by a serial killer of his nature. Then try your best not to have nightmares tonight.

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In a chilling film about killing horns, a scene of slaughter


To watch Murder Hornets attack, you’ll need a subscription to Discovery Plus, which starts at $ 4.99 per month. The service is currently offering a seven-day free trial.

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