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Atlassian launches a whole new Trello – TechCrunch

The Kanbon board-focused project management tool Trello, acquired in 2017 by Atlassian, launched today, one of its most significant updates in recent years. With over 50 million users, Trello is one of the most popular project management tools around, and in many ways it brought digital Kanban boards into the mainstream. That focus doesn’t change with today’s releases, but the team is now adding new card ideas and new capabilities to the cards that make those ideas, with a special focus on bringing more data from third-party tools to those. Card. This is in addition to several changes to the overall look and feel of the service.

“Over the years, we’ve built this huge, passionate audience of people,” Trello co-founder and now head of Atresian, Michael Prior told me ahead of today’s announcement, “We have over 50 million signups And that is also the 50 million number is 2018 or something, they will not let me give the current number yet. [ … ] Then last year, the epidemic hit. We talked about the future of work, right? And then, suddenly, it was like: no, it’s just work. This is how everyone works. Now, it’s all distributed. We compress it just once. And it was our overnight innings. We will talk first about this explosion of apps, we will all talk about browser tabs, people getting lost in information dissemination. Now, it’s just eleven. “

The reason behind a lot of new features was that it became easier for users to work more inside Trello and get better macro ideas for teams to work on their own, but also in teams and within an organization What a pleasure In addition, the new Trello tool adds more ways to view data from other tools inside the service, without having to switch.

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In practice, this means Trello is adding five new ideas to Trollo (and making it easier to switch between them): team table view to track cross-company or cross-project work in a spreadsheet-like fashion; Timeline view to manage bottlenecks and make data adjustments; Calendar view to track deadlines and time-sensitive tasks; Map view for users who have location-based projects; And finally look at the dashboard for better visualizing success metrics and building reports.

For the most part, the names here are self-explanatory. What is perhaps the most interesting feature here, though, is that the new team table view is the first view of Trollo that brings across multiple boards.

“It raises your level to the portfolio level – not just at a single board level,” Prior said. “Ultimately, all ideas will do the same thing and so we will essentially have the ability that if you’re on a board, you can pivot your cards and get them based on what the project is and how you need them. can see.” The idea he articulated here was to use and expand Trello’s existing visual language to connect these shared perspectives.

It is also important here that Trello plans to open the facility to third parties who also want to build their own ideas. For example, the Trello team itself created a slide view, which creates slides for all the cards in a project, making it easier for someone to present them in a meeting, for example.

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Prior argues what Trello is doing with his new card, though, perhaps even more important. The team is adding more than 30 new card types, where just adding a URL links to YouTube, Google Drive, Figma, JIRA or even other Trello boards, you can connect to what you are connected to right inside Trello Will be able to see the preview. .

“What I think, is that this is what the card represents by representing the only thing that only exists within Trello is the work that is going on across all these other devices,” explained Pryor. “So now your cumin tickets can exist with your Trello card. And you’re sorting it and talking about it and talking about it in a way that’s independent of what’s happening in Jorah – It can be linked to it, but it adds the ability to create a dashboard that brings that work in one place. “

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Prior noted that the team wanted to take advantage of the simplicity and visual language that Trello users already like and then apply to other devices. “We can get involved in a race and just build project management-type facilities,” he said. The team wants to build more than just a project management app. This Trello wants to be an app that helps users manage all their projects. Adding features, he argues, would simply lead to bloat. Instead, the team wants to take its card metaphor, expand on it and allow its users to create new solutions inside Trello, using a visual language they are already familiar with.

Another new feature that is coming soon – and one that the Trello community has been hoping for a while – is the mirror card, which essentially allows you to share the same card between boards. All you have to do is link one source card to another card on the board and this new card will look like the original card.

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