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Atlassian launches a Jira for every team – TechCrunch

Atlassian today announced a new version of its Cumin Project Management tool, Cumin Work Management. The company has long been on a journey to bring Cumin ahead of the software development groups with which it started. With Cumin Service Management, it is doing successfully with IT teams. With cumin core, it also moved in this direction, but cumin work management takes it further (and will replace cumin core). The idea here is to offer a version of Cumin that enables teams from marketing, human resources, finance, design and other groups to manage their work and – if necessary – connect it to the company’s development teams .

“Noa is the de facto standard of software,” Atlasian’s product Noah Wasmer told me. “We are in a big deal with JIRA Service Management right now, bringing IT teams into that loop. We now have over 100,000 customers on those two products. So it’s actually doing incredibly well. But CIO says that one of the things is that it is really difficult to put the JIRA software in front of the HR team and the legal team. They often ask, what is the code? What is a pull request? “

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Wassmer also mentioned that even though Cumin software is exclusively for developers, about half of its users are already in other teams that work with these development teams. “We think that [Jira Work Management] Gives them more contextually relevant tools – a tool that really helps them accelerate and move faster, ”said Wassmer.

With Cumin Work Management, the company is making it easier for any team to track and manage their work, which Vassar calls a “family of universal systems and products”. Regarding the way the company’s remote and hybrids work, Atlassian believes they will need a core product of this kind to keep track of what is happening. But it is also about the simple fact that every business is now a software business and while the work of every team touches on it, marketing and design teams often work within their silos.

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However, these different teams also have vastly different expectations of the user interface, which they need to manage their work most effectively. So while Cumin Task Management introduces all the automation features and privacy controls of its brothers, it is based on a slightly different and simplified user interface than Cumin Software, for example.

However, even more importantly, Cumin offers a variety of ideas for work management teams to enter and manipulate their data. To quickly bring new users onboard, Atlassian has created a set of templates for some of the most common use cases, although it is clear that the user is clearly able to adapt all of these different ideas to their hearts. There are free – and business requirements – content.

Atlassian also changed the language around the cumin stamps. Cumin Work Management has no ‘stories’ and ‘bugs’ (unless you add them yourself) and instead, these templates are ‘tasks’, ‘assets’ (for design use cases) or ‘candidates’ ( For HR).

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Given the fact that spreadsheets are the universal language of business, it is perhaps no surprise that the list view is salient here, with an Excel / Airtable-like experience that should be immediately familiar to any business user. It is in-line editable and completely strips away the normal cumin stamp, even though it is down, it has the same classification and infrastructure.

“We really wanted people to move into this product and just understand that there is work to be done,” said Chase Wilson, product marketing head of Cumin Work Management. He said that the team worked on grieving the experience.

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Other available visuals are very simple, along with a timeline view such as a calendar and a Gantt chart, as well as traditional Kanban boards that have long been at the core of cumin (and Agile in general).

Cumin Work Management lets users create forms and use a drag editor, which makes it easy for anyone inside the organization to create forms and collect requests in this way. Only a few weeks ago, Atlassian announced the acquisition of ThinkTilt, the company behind the popular no-code from builder Proforma, and it looks like it is already putting this acquisition to work here.

As Vassar emphasized, cumin work management is meant to help different teams work, which works best for them. But because cumin is now a family of products, it enables a lot of cross-team collaboration. This means that a development team working on implementing a GDPR requirement can now build a workflow that ties in with the project board for a legal team, which until then releases a software release Allows to hold until it accepts this new feature.

“We hear about it all the time today,” he said. “They just stick the legal team in the JIRA software – and it dominates them with the information as well as what they’re not trying to do. Now we can expose them. And then we get that legal team Also, make that marketing team aware of different templates for different tasks. What they are looking for is that once they get used to that use case, they say Looks: Okay, hey, why don’t I use it to approve the contract at the end of the quarter? ”

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For pricing, Atlassian follows its own standard template here, offering a free tier for teams with 10 users and then paid tiers starting at $ 5 / user / month, large. Discounts for teams.

Looking ahead, Atlassian plans to add more reporting capabilities, native approval for faster signoff, and more advanced functionality in new work views.

It is worth noting that Cumin Work Management is the first product to come out of Point A, Atlassian’s new innovation program “Is dedicated to connecting the next generation of customers with product teams to create the next generation of teamwork tools. “

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