Astronauts successfully depart the ISS aboard SpaceX Dragon, starting their trip home – TipsClear

Astronauts successfully depart the ISS aboard SpaceX Dragon, starting their trip home – TipsClear

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have successfully undocked from the International Space Station, Which is the first important phase of his return to Earth. Next, they will travel on a coast stage that will take them back from space through the atmosphere on a descent course, shedding momentum to prepare to deploy space parachutes. The dragon landed the spacecraft and plunged into the Atlantic Ocean for recovery.

Control systems are undocking, coasting and splash stage to perform through complete automation with SpaceX The crew’s journey away from the station and its controlled descent through the atmosphere is designed for the Crew Dragon to manage the entire process, including burns. While re-entering the atmosphere, the dragon will undergo tremendous stress, and the angle of its descent is to slow its velocity to the point where it can deploy those parachutes to safely fall forward, while behenken and hurley. Keeping safe

The CoastX stage will take several hours, with SpaceX and NASA expecting the final splash of the capsule to be held around 2:42 pm EDT (11:42 pm PDT) tomorrow, August 2.

This is the final leg of SpaceX’s demo-2 mission from NASA with its commercial crew program, a qualification program that requires the agency to certify crew dragons for routine operational missions carrying astronauts to and from the station . Bacon and Hurley launched on the first part of this historic mission to see humans flying in a SpaceX spacecraft for the first time on May 30, and regularly at the space station contributing to the crew’s mission Have spent months intervening.

The crew will splash down the coast of Florida to finish Dragon Demo-2, and the crew at SpaceX are on hand at that point to recover the astronauts and bring them back the rest of the way to Terra Pharma. If everything goes to plan, SpaceX will officially be ready to begin standard astronaut flights, as noted – and the first of them is planned for sometime in late September, So they will not have to wait long.

We have updates for the remainder of this last leg as they become available, so stay tuned.

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