Aspirants first impression: TVF charms with another Kota Factory-like show

The first episode of The Viral Fever’s latest web series Aspirants is released on YouTube and watching the first episode, the Hindi web series ticks all the boxes that have now become a staple of TVF. It is emotionally mature, has a spark of comedy and more than anything it feels like a believable story.

Starring Naveen Kasturia, Abhilash Thapliyal, Sunny Hinduja and Shivkant Parihar, Aspirants follows UPSC candidates, who often spend years studying for exams as they pursue bureaucratic positions. The monologue of Thapliyal, in an earlier scene, establishes why these ordeals are almost sacred in our country, as they force the characters to freeze their lives while being tempted. This is the monologue that draws you into the universe of aspirants and keeps you connected for the next 40 minutes.

Like the Kota Factory, this series also follows the fragile dreams of students who aim to change their lives. Here, that center is Old Rajendra Nagar in Delhi and the producers manage to catch the vibes of the area almost immediately.

The first episode runs over two timelines. The first timeline has three main characters – Abhilash, SK and Guri, who are trying to prepare for the exam – and the second timeline, which takes six years, is changing their friendship due to a previous trauma.

Kasturia’s desire is honest and it is her honesty that immediately catches you in her corner. His rooftop conversation with Sandeep Bhaiya of Hinduja in the first episode gave the aspirants an emotional height. The characters appear weak on encountering this test monster. It is too soon to say but there is an ominous vibe to Sandeep that hints at a deeper plot.

Overall, the 45-minute episode is impressive enough for viewers to return next week.

Produced by Arunabh Kumar and Shreyansh Pandey, Aspirants Deepesh Sumitra is written by Jagdish and directed by Apoorva Singh Karki. The next episode ends on 14 April.

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