Ashley Judd Gives Major Health Update Almost 6 Months After Leg Injury

In addition to sharing her accomplishment, Ashley thanked those who have helped her “make my recovery possible,” including Dr. Phil Kregor, “the trauma orthopedic surgeon.”

“He, in consultation with of Dr. Susan Mackinnon & Dr. Scott Levin, made a very gutsy decision to decompress my deeply damaged peroneal nerve,” she explained. “The video of my foot moving is unheard of. We expected my foot – if ever – to *begin* to move in one year.”

She continued, “In four months to the day, she went blew us all away. Now, after crying while trying to spell the ABCs with a paralyzed foot….well, you see!”

The Double Jeopardy actress revealed that her leg “will never be the same” but she’s accepted the new version she’s working with.

As she put it, “She is a new leg. And I love her. We are buddies. We have a come a long way and we have a fabulous life ahead.”

She concluded, “Many of you have been praying for me, and sending me notes. Thank you. I have felt you. I have especially been held by family and my partner. Peace be with you.”

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