As Ridley Scott Works on Gladiator 2 Script, Producer Wonders If It’s a Worthy Endeavor

The possibility of a sequel to the hugely popular swords and sandals epic the Gladiator Has been on the back-burner for years now. According to producer Doug Wick, the reason for the delay is largely due to the demise of Russell Crowe’s protagonist, Maximus, who forms the narrative at the end of the film. Gladiator 2 A real struggle creatively.

“Like any good film, the Gladiator Works by the skin of his teeth, where this fight ends by connecting the film that way, and so, again, to take the best of what the audience is attached to, but refresh it in some new avatar Do, it’s really challenging. And, of course, the leading man is dead. If you do the Godfather, you say, ‘Well, the audience loves these stars in this wardrobe, and you bring back the old team. “

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As the story continues, scheduling conflicts have also been an issue, with those involved with the initial installment not wanting to craft a follow-up only for the sake of cashing in on the title. Nevertheless, Vic confirmed that everyone was interested in returning, including the director Ridley scott.

“Ridley would love to do it. It’s really about getting something on paper. Everybody.” [involved with the original] Loves the film so much to exploit it cheaply and to create something that is his shadow. It’s a really obvious creative problem, working on a screenplay, and if we can ever get it … Ridley is working on it, it’s really just a question of whether we put it in such a place Can get where it feels worthy? Make it This is a real challenge. “

It has been reported in the past that initially, Scott’s plan for the sequel was quite different from the first film, which somehow had the idea of ​​reviving Russell Crowe’s bold commander-turned-gladiator Maximus Decimum Meridius. This would have included a step towards fantasy and Maximus would have struggled through different periods of history. While this seems like a mass deviation compared to the more frozen first film, it is a very tricky idea, proudly sitting on the list of movies we would love to see.

As time went on, Scott’s plans were scrapped. the Gladiator Leaving Maximus behind instead of sequels and focusing on Connie Nielsen’s character Lucilla’s son Lucius. During earlier events the Gladiator Lucius was just a boy played by Glass’ Spencer Treat is Clark, so it stands to reason Gladiator 2 Will leap ahead in time. Given that producer Walter F. A more recent update regarding Parkes’ film etiquette is that the sequel’s plan “tracks the story after 30 years … 25 years later”, of course.

Finally, Vick joked about how Maximus might return. An idea that came from the headline Russell Crowe himself.

“Russell’s agent called me after the opening weekend, saying,” I’ve got a great idea. They take the body around the corner of the arena, Russell gets off the stretcher and says, “Hey, it worked,” and they high-five. This will be the beginning of the next film. He was saying that it was a fake death so Russell can come back and do it. “

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