Army of the Dead Viewers Will Have to Hunt for Subtle Ocean’s Eleven Easter Egg

When it comes to contrasting film genres, it is difficult to think of more than two odd examples Ocean’s Eleven And zombie movies. While the first relies on a complex set of rules in an orderly world of high-end hotels and socialites, the latter usually takes place in an apocalypse where hordes of the dead bay for your blood. Filmmaker Zack Snyder intends to bring the two worlds together with his upcoming Netflix film Army of the dead. Described as a “zombie heist” film, Snyder revealed during Justice Con that his film contained a reference Ocean’s Eleven As a tribute.

” [heist movies] That’s really what i’ve got Italian Job And Thunderbolt and lightfoot And of course, the ocean. You can’t make a zombie heist movie in Vegas or a movie to be set in Vegas nor are there some references to the ocean, especially in a movie that is making other movie references, and it’s subtle and we’re completely insane Try not to be, but this is what it is. “

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Army of the dead Takes place in a nightmare world where a zombie virus has transformed the entire city of Las Vegas into an apocalyptic septic society, where zombies roam the streets and humanity is on its last legs. In this new world, a group of mercenaries are convinced to enter Vegas to withdraw large sums of money from a secret vault, a few days before the entire city is blown off the face of the Earth.

This is where the “heir” nature of the film comes into play. The only difference is that instead of sipping elegantly over champagne wearing expensive tuxedos like Danny Ocean and his Griffer Pulse, the main cast Army of the deadLed by Dave Bottista, will have to shoot and bomb his way into the zombie hive. In a previous interview, Snyder had explained that the feature in his film is smart and fast, capable of building a network to attack his prey.

“In this concept, the idea was that we would develop zombies or there would be a hierarchy, there would be some sort [organization]. You will learn about ‘why’ in the film because it is very specific about why some corpses are ‘shambler’, and some corpses are ‘alphas’, it is very special … but alphas, I am about them I think Packing wolves or animals that can serve as a team. Zeus [Richard Cetrone] Is their main boy, and zombie queen [Athena Perample] Of course, they have this main way of communicating. I’m not sure how it works, but it is very much from the animal kingdom. They are one with nature if you will. “

It will be interesting to see how Zack snider Refers to the world of Ocean’s Eleven In her weird, new, zombie-influenced reality. Directed and co-written by Zack Snyder, Army of the dead Dave Butista, Garrett Dillahunt, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, Raul Castillo, Tig Notaro, Theo Rosi and Ana de la Reguera. The film will be released on Netflix on May 21.

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