Army of the Dead Prequel Title Revealed by Zack Snyder

Army of the dead The prequel is officially titled Army of thieves. Jack Snyder, co-writer, director and cinematographer Army of the deadAnnounced the prequel to its zombie-heist film during a question-and-answer session concerning the recently released trailer Army of the dead.

The army’s role of thieves will center around the character of Ludwig Dieter, played by actor Matthias Schweighofer, who will also perform directorial duties from Zac Snyder for the prequel. The film is set to explore the early days of the Las Vegas zombie outbreak. Matthias Schweighofer will join Nathalie Emanuel, Goose Khan and Stuart Martin as the new cast members, while Zac Snyder will produce alongside his wife Deborah Snyder.

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Army of thieves The filming wrapped in December 2020 and is probably in the final stages of post-production. As the original film, the official trailer for The Dead’s Army is in the limelight with the promise of a unique zombie-thriller. The film’s astonishing cast seems to make a lasting impression, and the idea of ​​being intelligent and logical zombies wreaks havoc instead of lifeless corpses to give the survivors some serious vibes of an entertaining experience apart from roaming around .

The teaser poster of The Army of the Dead reads a caption, “They are not what you think they are”. And Snyder’s first glimpse of the corpse gives the same vibrancy. A new kind of zombie species, being “more intelligent and more organized”, as the trailer stated, rather than the crazy runner zombies we’ve seen in other movies involving the genre. And what better than to add some more thrill on the audience by involving a zombie tiger to make more bloodshed.

Notably, Zack Snyder’s directorial debut was also a zombie-thriller, 2004 Dawn of the dead, And now, after more than a decade, Snyder is going full circle, this time adding elements of drama, emotion and some humor, which also appeared in the trailer.

And it seems that Netflix is ​​set to stay with Snyder with him for a long time, as the streaming platform will also build an anime-style animated tower to focus on the origins of Dame Botista’s character. Army of the dead. Series, title, Army of the Dead: Lost to Vegas, Will see the original cast returning to voice their characters, who joined the new voice cast including New Mangiello, Vanessa Hudgens, Christian Slater, and Harry Lenix. While prequel Army of thieves This year will be released on an unknown date, Army of the dead It is expected to be released on Netflix on May 21.

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