Armie Hammer Responds to Social Media Controversy After Exiting Jennifer Lopez Movie

Armie Hammer has broken his silence on the social media scandal that he found while trending on social media last weekend. Also, the actor has suddenly quit shotgun wedding branch. Over the weekend, alleged messages from various women were leaked online from her Instagram account. The message contained graphic explicitly explicit words, while cannibalism was also discussed. In an alleged message, Call me by your name “I am 100% cannibalistic,” says the actor, which a lot of people focused on. Due to their graphic nature, no message or video is posted here.

TMZ was able to ask Army hammer Regarding controversial messages. Over the weekend, Hammer and his representatives did not return requests for comments on the situation. The messages in question have not been verified with Hammer’s account, but Internet experts believe they are legitimate after some detective work, which included detecting and matching the actor’s finger tattoos in some images . It was Hammer to say that.

“I am not responding to these nonsense * t claims, but in light of the vicious and spontaneous online attacks against me, I cannot live in good conscience now shooting my children in the Dominican Republic for 4 months. Leave it. Lionsgate is supporting me. I am thankful to him and him for this. “

Is a spokesperson for shotgun wedding The production states, “Given the imminent start date shotgun wedding, Armi has requested to withdraw from the film and we support her in her decision. Hammer also had to act together Jennifer Lopez In the cinema As for the alleged social media messages, more progress days are unfolding, portraying the actor as overbearing, referring to rape, cannibalism, and calling him “Daddy”.

A new video was released which allegedly showed Army Hammer drinking beer behind the wheel of a vehicle while licking a white substance from someone’s hand. Sources close to the 34-year-old actor are concerned over his alleged behavior, adding, “He always loved drinking, getting drunk, but never in this way.” Hammer and his distinguished wife, Elizabeth Chambers, separated in July 2020 after 10 years of marriage.

shotgun wedding Is directed by Jason Moore (pitch perfect) And follows a couple as they gather their families for a destination wedding, only taking the entire wedding party hostage. The role of Army Hammer is currently being reorganized, and his move will reportedly not prevent him from ceasing production in the next few weeks. As to who will take over for the Hammer, it is not clear at the moment, though we should learn about it very soon, especially if the production stays on schedule. TMZ first exposed Army Hammer’s comments about the social media scandal.

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