Are Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Back Together? Here’s the Truth

Dale Moss Reveals the Real Reason for His Breakup With Clare Crawley

after a very Dramatic breakup, fans suspect that former Bachelorette Star Claire crawley Can be dating Del moss Once again the two were spotted going out together in Florida.

Claire seeks love The bachelorette Last fall, but quickly found himself falling head-over-heels to Dale, a model and former footballer. She decided to end her time on the show, riding in the sunset with her new fiancé.

Unfortunately, that bliss was short-lived. In January this year, the couple called off their engagement. Dale posted on Instagram that she made a “mutual” statement with the hairstylist about how to end cordially. However, Claire soon followed her own social media statement, claiming that she was No Is already aware of the post, and needed time to “process” the split.

This month, Claire and Dale raised eyebrows when the two were spotted in Florida.

“They were all smiling,” the insider told E! Timely news. “They looked like they were having a good time. It was just the two of them.”

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