Arachnado Trailer Unleashes Spider-Filled Tornadoes This Thanksgiving

SCS Entertainment has released the official trailer for this Arachnado, Is an upcoming horror film with a premise that is as bizarre as it sounds. Coming to VOD and DVD next month, the film is directed by Dustin Ferguson, the filmmaker with such other bizarre horror titles as Los angeles shark attack, Angry Asian Killing Hornets, And Ebola Rex. You definitely hope Arachnado Just as crazy as it should be with a title, and the trailer suggests that will definitely be the case. You can see it below.

cast Arachnado This includes Mel Novak (of Bruce Lee) corpse Party), Deborah Dutch (die Hard), Brink Stevens (Slumber party massacre), And Sean C. Philips (Ghost shark). Other artists include Sherry Davis (Angry Asian Killing Hornets), Jennifer Nangal (Malvolia: The Queen of Scream), Mike Ferguson (death squad), Callie June (Monster force zero), And Albie Robot (Stickman) As the voice of DJ Danny.

While full details about the plot have not been revealed, we can get the details of the story from the trailer. It begins with a warning from a radio DJ anticipating cyclonic activity, with sightings of a natural occurrence directly to Los Angeles. If this was not bad enough, the cyclone has apparently brought millions of vicious spiders, killing killer creatures all over the city. The survivors must band together to figure out how to survive the spider attack, but as shown in the trailer, there will be many who are not going to make it.

Unless you are particularly afraid of spiders, you probably should not expect to be frightened by going into this one. The low budget in the trailer actually shows when spiders of various sizes start attacking their victims. For fans of these types of films, however, it is a part of the low budget attraction, even if it makes the film more ridiculous than scary. It seems unlikely Arachnado Giving people nightmares in the same way arachnophobia It was so many years ago, but what the film has promised is that it will be a very good time to watch.

Of course, the premise of this film is very similar SharknadoThe popular horror series developed in Sify. In that series, Ian Zeering and Tara Reid starred as a married couple, who are constantly finding themselves in the midst of “sharknados” that sound like they are — shark-filled tornadoes. That film series adopted its substandard style and was liked by fans, spawning a franchise that introduced a new installment every year between 2013 and 2018. The series finale The Last Sharkando: It’s About Time, Leaving a void in horror films about deadly creatures traveling through cyclones.

Arachnado On this thanksgiving will be released by SCS Entertainment on VOD and DVD. Maybe we are not getting like other anticipated horror releases A Quiet Place Part II And Halloween kills This year, but a film about a spider-filled tornado may be the next best thing. The official trailer comes to us from SoCal Cinema on YouTube.

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