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AR Tool Lets You Test Paintings On Your Wall Before You Buy

Remember the Ikea Place app that allows you to take and deliver virtual furniture to your apartment in a spectacular augmented reality? Saatchi Art, one of the world’s premier art galleries, has created a similar AR tool that allows customers to view more than a million artworks in their home before purchasing online. It is the perfect high-tech tool to purchase art in the age of coronovirus, although its creators feel that it has been useful for much longer than this.

“This is definitely an essential element of selling art in the future,” Saatchi Art’s general manager, Janey Anderson told . “In fact, the goal of launching this facility is something that we have been working on for quite some time. We know from customer surveys, many years ago, that over 70% of art buyers hesitate to buy because they cannot see the artwork in advance. By offering the ability to view an artwork through augmented reality on mobile, shoppers are now going to immediately see the beauty of the artwork in their home and feel confident in their purchase. This was an important consumer problem to solve before COVID – and would benefit after a long time. “

The “Room in View” augmented reality feature applies to selecting artworks at Without the need for an app, it lets users try art on their walls with just a smartphone or tablet. Each piece of art is dynamically small and appears along the same real-world dimensions of physical artwork.

“Usually when a client shops for artwork on a traditional gallery space or art website, they are unable to accurately imagine how the artwork would look in their own space,” Anderson continued . “Factors such as lighting, scale, and how well it complements the overall aesthetic of the room cannot be determined, which makes it difficult to confidently execute a purchase, especially for high-priced works. “

Alternatively, you can simply use the AR tool to show that you have received the money, wondering what your small apartment will look like in the artifacts if you have spent a few hundred hours of overtime every month for the next month or three months Hours have drawn! Works either way.

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