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it’s him [expletive deleted] Tough time to be an early stage founder. But simply giving up is not part of startup DNA. Instead, it is time to do whatever it takes to catch the eyes and imagination of investors, media and other technology and business influencers. An easy way to get started here is to apply to be a TC top pick on Virtual Disruption 2020.

What is TC Top Pick? It is an early-stage startup that undergoes rigorous scrutiny by the editors of TipsClear with an eye for innovation and potential. Some of the lucky ones to earn that earnings win a free digital startup street package, tons of exposure to investors and media, plus a bunch of other beanies designed to help you survive and thrive even in hard times has been done.

Here’s how it works. If your pre-series A startup falls into one of the following categories, you are eligible to apply.

Social Impact + Education, Space, Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning, Biotech + HealthTech, Enterprise + SaaS, Fintech, Mobility, Retail + E-Commerce, Robotics, Hardware + IoT, and Security + Privacy.

TipsClear editors will select up to three startups in each category. Each top pick receives a digital startup package, which displays three people from anywhere in the world. And since Everyone Want to know who has made the grade as a top pick, you can expect lots of requests for 1: 1 virtual demos and video meetings with investors, media, potential customers, people interested in collaborating. – You name it. And you have months to pitch and network.

Here’s another huge benefit: TipsClear will conduct a virtual video interview for each top pick startup and promote the video on our social media platforms – driving traffic to your website. Your video will make an excellent conversation starter and long term marketing tool.

We are not all Startup Alley demonstrators with perks and opportunities. You get exclusive access to the Leading Voice Webinar series. You hear that during and after this epidemic the brightest industries discuss how to adapt to the minds.

All networking will be much easier and more efficient with CrunchMatch, TipsClear’s AI-powered networking platform. It helps you find and connect with like-minded investors, founders and other startup influencers. Save time by networking only with people who can grow your business.

Pour yourself with something delicious, join pitchers and pitches webinars and fine-tune your pitch with the TipsClear editorial team that coaches Startup Battlefield competitors.

Do not let the hard times leave your dreams in a ditch. What to do to put your startup in front of influential people who can help you succeed. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN. Keep moving forward and apply to the TC Top Pix program.

Is your company interested in disrupting or showing 2020? Contact our sponsoring sales team Filling out this form.

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