Apple search crawler activity could signal a Google competitor, or a bid to make Siri a one-stop-shop – ClearTips

Apple search crawler activity could signal a Google competitor, or a bid to make Siri a one-stop-shop – TechCrunch

Encouraged by ripening antitrust activity at both the Justice Department and Capitol Hill, Apple According to a report in the Financial Times, a search competitor may develop in Google.

This would ironically be a drastic action as the push to end anti-competitive practices is creating more competition among the largest companies that already dominate the technology industry rather than those established companies and more agile upstarts.

Signs of Apple’s revivalist interest in search technologies can be found in the subtle and significant changes to the latest version of the iOS 14 iPhone operating system, and the increasing activity from Apple’s spidering tools used to filter the web and refine search functionality Is reported, Financial Times reported.

Apple is now showing its own search results and linking directly to websites as users type queries from its home screen in iOS 11. For reference, this is a behavior that has been known for some time as people have seen the feature in the beta version of iOS. And the amount of search on Apple’s crawler is something that John Henshaw of Coywolf noted back in August.

Sources quoting the Financial Times said the change marked an important step-change in Apple’s in-house search development and could be the basis for a wider push in search.

The Cupertino, California.-based company certainly has expertise. Less than three years ago it named Google Head of Search, John Giannandria What was widely seen as an attempt to shore up Apple’s foundations through Siri in artificial intelligence and voice search. Because of the way Apple is organized internally, it is unlikely that Giannandrea will devote a full-time effort to both a potential “search product” and Siri. . But it is within the scope of possibility that he can lend his expertise to a team working at a different facility.

Any development of the search tool would be a third way for Apple, which now uses Google as its default search service, thanks to a lucrative contract between the two (one that Google’s judicial department investigation Is also involved in anti-competitive activities. Search around). Only other major search services on the market rely on Microsoft’s Bing to get their results.

While the signs point to a real increase in activity, there may be an explanation for Apple’s crawler activity that is less heavy on corporate SkunkWorks skulgdari and more in line with the goals explicitly stated by Apple.

Although the story of Apple being in direct competition with search on Google turns out to be a great headline, the upsurge in activity can be explained just as rationally when Siri is getting more search queries and Apple and Bing being more of a negotiator between Google or Microsoft’s search services. This apathy is something that Google started years ago and has modified and expanded over the years to counter the same kind of behavior from Siri.

Some of it comes for semantics. By “search engine” we mean “a web site that people type in queries from” or do we mean a voice assistant who steps in for white-label web results via web sourcing. Cutting across the brand presence of a monster like Google on its platform is a powerful motivator for any competitor, no matter where it is.

Making Siri a one-stop-shop could vaccinate Apple in this scenario, where they are forced by regulation on iOS to enable a search provider choice in flux. However, it won’t do anything to help Google, which Apple pays billions on because iOS users are more qualified for its business than any other mobile web users. Google, for its part, states that even when people have a choice, they choose Google anyway. Perhaps another reason that finding Siri similar to Overtocker is strong drama for Apple.

Techcrunch Apple has reached out to comment and will update when we hear back.

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