Apple Removes Fortnite From the App Store

Apple removed Fortnite On Thursday, the game’s developer Epic Games revealed from its App Store that players could buy in-game currency V-Bucks at a discount if they bypassed purchases through the App Store.

Apple released a statement stating that Epic broke its developer contract by allowing it, as the unlocked features in the app require payment, to be controlled through in-app purchase platforms Should, so Apple can cut revenue.

“Epic enabled a feature in their app that was not reviewed or approved by Apple, and did so with the intention of violating App Store guidelines regarding in-app payments that apply to every developer Happens who sells digital goods or services, “the statement read. Apple added it “Every effort will be made to work with Epic to resolve these violations so that they can return Fortnite to the App Store.”

Currently, the game still appears to work and receives updates if it is already installed on the user’s iPhone, and the game can still be downloaded through the user’s purchased app list. If an iPhone user has not already downloaded the app, there is currently no way to access it, as searching for the game does not yield any appropriate results.

It seems that Epic Games was planning for it, because shortly after removing the title from the App Store, the company filed a lawsuit against Apple. Legal papers requesting an injunction against Apple’s decision to remove Fortnite argue that Apple’s App Store behavior is monopolistic and anti-Semitic.

The company also, through FortniteTwitter announced that the game will host a screening of a short film in its party royal mode Ninety eighty-fortnight, A blatant talk on Apple’s historical 1984 Commercials for the original McIntosh that spoke against certain practices, many today accuse themselves of exercising. The short film is not subtle, and directly parodies the original advertisement, one of which features the character Fortnite Destroying a giant TV featuring a corporate overlord with an apple for a head.

“Epic Games has defeated Apple Store Monopoly. In retaliation, Apple is blocked Fortnite From a billion devices. Join the fight to prevent 2020 from becoming ‘1984’. #FreeForNight, ”a quote that appears at the end, is a play on the quote displayed at the end of the original McIntosh commercial.

There is a similar agreement for apps published on the platform on the Google Play Store, but so far the game remains on the Play Store.

The news is not the only issue that has recently arisen for Apple and its App Store, as the company is currently butting with long-time competitor Microsoft and Xbox’s execution of cloud gaming on the platform. Similar issues about Apple’s strict rules for boundary walls have prevented the upcoming service from coming to iOS the way it was intended to.

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