Apple Pay will soon work on BART and Muni – ClearTips

Apple Pay will soon work on BART and Muni – TechCrunch

If you’ve ever tried to board a bus in San Francisco and were amazed to find that Apple Pay was not an option (unlike New York, Beijing and other major cities): Good news! He is changing. Apple has announced that support for the Clipper (payment system for BART, Muni, Caltrain, AC Transit and a group of other Bay Area transit agencies) is officially under way. You’ll soon be able to tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on a card reader and be on your way.

Apple says that Apple Pay will work in all 24 agencies where the clipper is accepted, meaning it should be friendly with:

  • AC Transit
  • Bart
  • Caltrain
  • City coach
  • County connection
  • Dumbarton Express
  • bright
  • Golden Gate Ferry
  • Golden Gate Transit
  • Marin transit
  • Muni
  • Petalama transit
  • Samtrans
  • San francisco bay ferry
  • Santa rosa citybus
  • smart
  • Soltrans
  • Sonoma County Transit
  • Tri delta transit
  • Union City Transit
  • Bell
  • Vta
  • Westcat
  • The wheels

Apple mentions that it will work with the optional “Express Transit” feature built into the wallet, allowing you to do these relatively small transit transactions without the need for Face ID or Touch ID verification – when getting up to 10 people If you have to wait, a nice touch should not be behind you and convincing you about your phone that you are, in fact, you.

So when will it officially roll out? Good question – and one that Apple is not answering yet. In an e-mail announcing the upcoming Clipper endorsement, they say it’s “coming soon”, but it doesn’t get more specific. A tweet from the @BayAreaClipper account, meanwhile, takes it down to “this spring” and reiterates that Google Pay support is coming soon, as well.

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