Apple is (temporarily) waiving its App Store fee for Facebook’s online events – ClearTips

Apple is (temporarily) waiving its App Store fee for Facebook’s online events – ClearTips

Last month, Facebook Started support for paid online programs – and because many businesses offering those events have struggled during the coronovirus epidemic, the company also said it would not collect fees for the next year. At the same time, it complained that Apple had “rejected” its requests to waive the customary 30% fee in the App Store.

Today, Facebook is announcing a reversal on Apple Part: The online event fee will be processed via Facebook Pay, without Apple collecting its 30% deduction, meaning businesses will receive all of the earnings from their online event, minus taxes. This arrangement will run until December 31 and will not be applicable to gaming creators.

The news came after Facebook publicly pressured him to change his stance. Even presented an iOS app update stating “Apple takes 30% of this purchase” in the payment flow of events. (Facebook stated that Apple rejected the update, including “irrelevant” information for users.)

And while the two companies appear to have come to an agreement, today’s statements from Facebook are still a bit bad.

Facebook spokesman Joe Osborne said, “This is a difficult time for small businesses and creators, which is why we’re not collecting any fees from paid online events, while communities are closed to the epidemic.” “Apple has agreed to provide a brief, three-month reprieve after which struggling businesses will again have to pay Apple a full 30% App Store tax.”

Similarly, discussing the exception of Gaming Creators, Vivek Sharma, Vice President of Facebook Gaming said, “Unfortunately we had to make this concession to get temporary discounts for other businesses.”

When asked about the change, Apple provided the following statement: “The App Store provides a great business opportunity for all developers, who use it to reach half a billion visitors every week across 175 countries. To ensure that every developer can create and grow a successful business, Apple maintains a clear, consistent set of guidelines that apply equally to everyone. “

In particular, Apple said it is giving Facebook until the end of the year to implement app-in payments for these events and bring them into compliance with App Store rules.

It also comes as Epic Games, which makes Fortnite, is running a legal battle and promotional campaign against Apple’s App Store fees, with Fortnite being removed from the iOS App Store. Epic is also part of a declared group of publishers called Publishers for App Fairness, which is pushing for App Store changes or regulation.

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