Apple grant helps ship millions of test kits for COVID-19 research

Apple grant helps ship millions of test kits for COVID-19 research


For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronovirus epidemic, visit the WHO website.

Apple’s investment in the fight against COVID-19 Is paying The company announced on Monday that more than 15 million sample collection kits made by COPAN Diagnostics have been shipped to the US, thanks in large part to Apple $ 10 million grant.

Testing kits are being used by hospitals to collect disease samples to aid research in the search for better testing and treatment options.

Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said, “We are proud that our Advanced Manufacturing Fund is supporting companies such as COPN, which are instrumental in the fight against COVID-19 and helping health professionals and communities Is doing.”

Apple also created and distributed face shields and masks to medical personnel on the front lines and launched the America’s Food Fund in partnership with Lauren Powell Jobs and Leonardo DiCaprio, a target “to feed the nation’s most vulnerable population during the pandemic For “.



To accelerate production and shipping, COPAN hired about 250 new employees and opened a whole new facility in California. The team worked with Apple’s engineers, product designers and operations professionals to establish a dedicated supply chain, resulting in a 4,000% increase in its test-kit production from April of 2020.

“It means a lot that I was given the opportunity to work in such a different industry, and for a company that contributes more,” says Gabriella Jimenez, COPAN’s manufacturing supervisor.

Convenience has also been a new source of employment for people like Jimenez who remained unemployed as a result of the epidemic.

As part of the fund, Apple has invested more than $ 1.3 billion to support manufacturing and innovation within the United States.

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