Apple and Canoo held talks in early 2020, report says

Apple and Canoo held talks in early 2020, report says


The word ’round the campfire’ is that Kanu was eyeing Apple last year.


It seems as if Hyundai was not Apple’s first choice when it came to a (rumored) partnership to produce its long-rumored car. According to a report published on Tuesday by The Verge, it tried to get its hook in the can.

The report alleged that Apple approached Canoo in early 2020 for the idea of ​​acquiring a modular EV startup, but was not interested in acquiring Canoo. It was open to a partnership and some investment, but Apple was not cutting it, which broke the negotiations.

It is said that Apple’s main interest is in Canu. Company Skateboard Chassis Architecture, Which, unlike other brands’ skateboards, integrates most of the vehicle’s electronics in addition to the powertrain. It reportedly kept its eye on Canu’s unique steer-by-wire system, which gives it a lot of freedom in body design.

Since then, both companies have been busy. Apple is working for its Project Titan team, and rumors are emerging from Cupertino about a possible 2024 first date for the car. Meanwhile, Canu made its super-interesting and super-configurable debut MPDV (Multipurpose Delivery Vehicle).

Cano aims to have MPDV in limited production with full production in 2023 next year. It is also in talks with other big-name tech companies interested in the startup’s engineering and design chops, not to mention its technologies.

Neither Apple nor Cano responded immediately to Roadshow’s request for comment.

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