When Apple launched the iPhone 12 last fall, the tech company said of the new ceramic shield display that it claims performs four times better than previous iterations.

For about six months and the tech company has released a new ad reminding people with slippery fingers that dropping your phone doesn’t always result in cold sweat as you reach down to see if The display is still intact.

Called Grope, A 30-second commercial (below) shows a woman speaking on her iPhone on the street. Suddenly it slips from his hand, causing him to launch into one of those seemingly endless body wiggles that you sometimes try desperately. To hold your instrument before it slammed to the ground. The play is played with a melodious bouncing sound by Nitin Sahni.

The protagonist has almost caught her, when she leaps needlessly, when she walks with a bold move on her thigh, which was likely to bring her back to the safety of her hand. But in the closing of the slow motion dramatically, we instead see the handset flying off the side of the screen before landing.

The woman turns the phone over, sees that he is not shattered, and then takes her day with her. “Relax, this is the iPhone,” the ad says.

Comments for the video have been discontinued on Apple’s official YouTube page, but several messages on other uploads of the video suggest that if the handset did not have a screen protector, it would probably scratch it after landing in grit.

Indeed, the master of phone scratching, Jerrigavari, noted that the iPhone 12 can provide better protection from cracks and breakage, with the iPhone 12 starting to scratch at a level 6, using the fascination scale of hardness, level 7 But with clear scratches. For high-end smartphones.

While the iPhone 12 has performed well in several drop tests posted on YouTube, it’s worth noting that the ceramic shield only covers the display, not the glass, Apple’s latest handset.

Whether you have butter fingers or not, you are bound to leave your iPhone – or any phone at any point. So, yes, best throw on a case for screen protector and peace of mind.

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