Ape Vs. Monster Trailer Gives Godzilla Vs. Kong the Mockbuster Treatment

Today brings the first trailer for Ape vs Monster. This is the latest mockbuster from People’s Asylum, which specializes in this type of talk and has been doing it successfully for years. In this case, they are cut with a similar cloth Godzilla vs Kang, Which has been a path of destruction at the global box office of late. Like, the studio decided to make their own low-budget film, in which a giant lizard monster fights an equally huge monkey.

The trailer kills with a team of soldiers, who are searching for a huge, deadly monkey in the desert. Unfortunately, a mysterious substance that leads to tremendous growth was scattered on the desert floor, which another local creature discovers and ingests. As one might expect, the two demons end up on a collision course with each other, eventually leading to a huge, catastrophic brawl in Washington DC. It’s been destruction and chaos ever since.

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For those who may not be familiar with Sharan’s work, the independent studio was originally founded in 1997. He has gained notoriety for producing low-budget blockbusters that often feature recent or upcoming Hollywood blockbusters. Thus, they have been called mockbusters. Some examples include Atlantic Rim, Abraham Lincoln vs. Corpse and Triassic World. He is also behind Sify’s Sharkando franchise as well as the TV show Z Nation.

But the studio sometimes finds itself in trouble for these cracks on popular films. Many of the lawsuits have cropped up over the years as a result of these direct-video asylum flicks. In 2008, he was sued by Fox The day the earth stop, Which was reflected The Day the Earth Stood Still. Saw 2012’s universal universal issue American warship, Which was reinforced Warship, Adapted from the popular game of the same name. Sharan later changed the title American warship. He was followed by Warner Bros. in 2013. Age of hobbits, Which was coming out around the same time Hobbit. Title changed later God of elves.

Monster Vs App Poster

In Monkey vs monster, A monkey lost in space crash-lands on Earth, a slime that makes him and a desert desert creature huge, leading to an all out dispute to Earth. As the artwork teases, it will be “the greatest of all time”. Biggest movie? Biggest fight? It is currently unclear. It is clear that the studio is not afraid to promote the low-budget monster controversy before its release.

There is no word yet on the film’s release date. However online and with the trailer Godzilla Vs Kong In the middle of its theatrical run, Apes vs. Monsters cannot be far behind. Be sure to watch the trailer for yourself, and be on the lookout for Appel vs. Monster later this year.

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