Any San Francisco teacher who needs a second monitor can get one, via Two Screens for Teachers – ClearTips

Any San Francisco teacher who needs a second monitor can get one, via Two Screens for Teachers – TechCrunch

Any teacher in the San Francisco Unified School District who needs a second monitor can request a free two-screen for teachers, a nonprofit that recently extended a similar privilege to Seattle teachers . If you are a teacher in SF, you can sign up here.

Having a second monitor may sound like a power user move or luxury for some, but for teachers whose days are essentially one giant group call, it is a big benefit that the call can be placed on one screen While text and other tools are on another.

Two screens for teachers The Walk Score was started in September by Matt Lerner and Mike Matthews, and the teachers’ first attempt to add a bus to those in need who had one hundred bucks quickly grew into something big.

By tapping local businesses and chancellors, they were able to secure enough money that any teacher in Seattle had a monitor available to ask. It is more efficient to do it this way. Lerner and his team have negotiated wholesale pricing with Dell and others, reducing the amount required for a given district.

San Francisco was naturally the next location to try to get enough dollars together, and they have now amassed enough for that city, as well as Oakland, Redwood City and Contra Costa County. (San Jose is still a bit small.)

This remarkable map, both optimistic and terrifying, shows the scale of what needs to be met.

A map showing where and how many teachers need a second monitor. Image Credit: Two screens for teachers

Yet even though the idea of ​​hooking more than 150,000 teachers with monitors seems arrogant, it should be noted that since its humble beginnings in a few months, two screens for teachers both for big cities and small towns More than 20,000 have rusted. . An order of magnitude is nothing!

The final cost to equip teachers around the country with the necessary equipment is approximately $ 23 million. This seems an almost ridiculously low number for a single billionaire, perhaps one of many whose net worth has risen by 10 times that amount in the past year, to provide a single check. Here is something with which anyone can buy genuine cross-country goodwill, cheaper on price.

Do it, jeff

Here’s the link, guys!

For those of you who are not in a coma club (going to four), it is possible to help in a small way by either donating or following the instructions here to ship a monitor to a teacher as needed. .

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