Announcing the Agenda for TC Sessions: Mobility 2021 – ClearTips

Announcing the Agenda for TC Sessions: Mobility 2021 – TechCrunch

TC Session: Mobility is back and we are excited to let you know who is coming on the main stage and what we plan to talk about. The event will be virtual, but never intimidating, we will bring to you the same informative panel and provocative one-on-one interviews and networking.

The new format has provided a massive advantage: the reach of democratization. If you are a startup or investor, you can listen, build networks, with other participants here in Silicon Valley. In addition, you will be able to meet all the attendees through our matchmaking platform, CrunchMatch.

Journalists and editors of ClearTips will interview some of the top leaders in transportation, such as promoting an electric vehicle company, the future of automated vehicle technology, building AV startups, and investing in the industry. Our guests include the founders of Scale AI Alexandra Wang, Zoaks co-founder and CTO Jessie Levinson, Amy Jones Satrome Of neuro, famous investor Reid Hoffman, Founder of Job Aviation Jay bean bivart, GM vice president of innovation Pamela Fletcher, Karl Ignamma Chris Urmson, co-founder and CEO of Motivational and Aurora, to name a few.

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Ahi Hinla (Starship), Amy Jones Satrome (Nooru) and Appa Kumawat (Gathik)

Autonomous vehicles and robotics were well on their way to changing deliveries before the epidemic. Over the past year, these technologies have shifted from novel applications to essential innovations. We are joined by a trio of companies – each with an individual approach that stretches to the crucial middle and last mile of delivery.

Supercharging Self-Driving Super Vision with Alexander Wang (Scale AI)

When there was a need for a large-scale set of tagged data for use in AI, some startup scales were presenters in the form of AI. Co-founder and CEO Alex Wang also placed a major bet on quickly meeting the needs of LIDAR sensing companies, which played a key role in deploying the AV network. We will hear about building understanding of sensor data in driverless cars and leading the industry.

Will mobility be the future in venture capital? With Clara Brenner (Urban Innovation Fund), Queen Garcia (Autotech Ventures) and Rachel Holt (Construction Capital)

Clara Brenner, Quinn Garcia and Rachel Holt will discuss how the epidemic changed their investment strategies, the hottest area within the mobility industry, the rise of SPX as a financial instrument and where they planned to invest their capital in 2021 and beyond is.

From concept to commuter car – and beyond Jessie Levinson (Zox)

After years of development and much anticipation, Zox unveiled the design of its fit-to-purpose autonomous vehicle for the first time. Meanwhile, the company was also acquired by Amazon in a high-profile deal that seems to give the company enough runway while keeping its functions independent. We will hear about Jesse Levinson, co-founder and CTO, that it is like building an autonomous car company in the shadow of a commerce giant.

EV Founders in Focus with Ben Shippers (Tezaab)

We sit with the founders designed to take advantage of the growth in electric vehicle sales. We’ll chat with Ben Shippers, co-founder and CEO of TezLab, an app that works like a Fitbit for Tesla vehicles (and soon other EVs) and allows drivers to delve deeper into their driving data is. The application also breaks down the exact type and percentage of fossil fuels and renewable energy coming from the charging locations.

Future Flight with Joaben Bewert (Joby Aviation) and Reid Hoffman (Renvent Technology Partners)

Joby Aviation founder JoBen Bewert spent more than a decade quietly developing an all-electric, vertical take-off and landing passenger aircraft. Now he is preparing for a new phase of growth as Joby Aviation merges with the special purpose acquisition company formed by well-known investor and linked co-founder Reid Hoffman. Bevert and Hoffman will come to our virtual stage to talk about building a startup (and keeping it a secret while raising funds), the future of flying, and of course, SPAC.

Parity, Reach and the City with Tamika L. Butler (Tamika L. Butler Consulting), Tiffany Chu (Remix) and Frank Reig (Revel)

Can mobility be accessible, equitable and profitable? Together we are community organizer, transportation consultant and advocate Tamika L. Has brought Butler; Tiffany Choo, co-founder and CEO of Remix and Frank Reig, co-founder and CEO of Revel, discusses how (and if) shared mobility can provide equity in cities, while still being a viable and profitable business. The three will also lose out on the challenges facing cities and how they can affect policy startups.

The Rise of Robotics in China with Tony Han (Viride), Jewel Lee (AutoX) and Huan Sun (Momenta Europe)

Silicon Valley has long been seen as the center of autonomous vehicle development. But another country is also leading this charge. Executives from three of China’s major robotics companies (which also operate in Europe or the US) will join us to learn about the unique challenges of developing and deploying technology in China and how it compares to other countries.

Plus Sponsored by: Distributing Supervised Autonomous Trucks Globally with Sean Kerrigan (Plus)

Monitoring autonomous trucks today to improve safety, efficiency and driver comfort in order to meet driver challenges and high turnover, rising fuel costs and inaccessible goals – facing significant challenges in long-haul trucking. Is implementing autonomous driving technology to launch. Mass production of PlusDrive, our supervised autonomous driving solution, begins this summer. In the next few years, thousands of heavy trucks operated by PlusDrive will be on the road. Sean Kerrigan, COO and co-founder of Plus, will present PlusDrive and our progress in deploying this driver-solution worldwide. He will also share our teachings by working closely with the world’s leading OEM and fleet partners to develop and deploy autonomous trucks at scale.

Driving innovation at General Motors with Pam Fletcher (GM)

GM is in the midst of extensive changes that will eventually turn into an EV-only manufacturer of cars, trucks and SUVs. But the auto giant’s emphasis on electrifying passenger vehicles is one of many efforts to pioneer the future of innovation and transportation. We’ll speak with Pam Fletcher, GM’s vice president of innovation, a key figure behind the 113-year automaker’s push to become an agile, tech-focused company.

AVS: Past, Present and Future with Carl Ignaima (Motivational) and Chris Urmson (Aurora)

ClearTips Mobility will talk to two pioneers and competitors, who are leading the charge for commercialization of autonomous vehicles. Carl Ignaimma, chairman of the $ 4 billion Hyundai-Aptiv joint venture known as Motil, and Aurora co-founder and CEO Chris Urmson will discuss – and perhaps even debate – the best for AV development and deployment Way, Swap Stories provides some forecasts for the industry’s early days and coming.

EV Founder in Focus

We sit with the founders designed to take advantage of the growth in electric vehicle sales. This time, we’ll chat with Kameale Terry, co-founder and CEO of ChargerHelp! A startup that enables on-demand repair of electric vehicle charging stations.

Sponsored by: Weibo: Creating Mobility Data

Vejo provides accurate and unbiased unique travel data sliced ​​from millions of connected cars to help local, state, province, and federal government agencies visualize traffic and congestion conditions. Unlock a deeper understanding of mobility trends, to make better decisions, support policy development, and solve problems more effectively for your towns and cities.

Future of mobility with James Kuffner (Toyota Research Institute)

More than ever, automotive manufacturers are seeing robotics as the future of mobility, from manufacturing to autonomy and beyond. We will talk to the head of the initiative of Robotics, one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers to find out how technology is set to change the industry.


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