Anne Beatts, groundbreaking comedy writer, dead at 74

Anne Beats, a prolific comedy writer with a taste for sweets and taste, who was an original employee of Saturday Night Live and later created the cult sitcom Square Peg, has died. She was 74.

According to his close friend Rona Edwards, Beats died Wednesday at his home in West Hollywood, California. Edwards, a filmmaker and a fellow faculty member at Chapman University, did not immediately know the cause of death.

Started in 1975 and lasted for five seasons, the beat was part of a team of gifted writers, including artists such as Rosie Shuster, Alan Zwiebel, Marilyn Susan Miller, and Dan Ayokroyd and Chevy Cherry on Saturday night Helped create a cultural event. Along with Shuster, she will invent cute young nerds – Nasli, Marvin Hamlish-Lisa Lopner (played by Gilda Redner) and high-painted gofball Todd Dialamuca (Bill Murray), and help such catchphrases as Lisa, ” I forgot to laugh.”

Beats would later draw his own acknowledged background as an outsider in high school for his own series Square Peg.

“If you look at the nerds, he knew that world,” Zveibel told the Associated Press. “She and Rosie handled those characters with love. She knew that world. If you look at ‘square pegs’, the title alone speaks volumes.

Premaring in 1982, Square Pegs was a rare sitout focused on teen-age girls at the time and starred Sarah Jessica Parker in an early role as a first-year high school student. Square Pegs was made in just one season but was loved by critics. And later praised for the anticipation – and topping – of teen comic John Hughes will soon become famous.

Jane Chaney of New York magazine wrote in 2020, “The show was just plain quiet, talking to young people with a shared interest in their own interests, who would watch young people before the Hughes films would have a similar impact.” TV would then focus an entire episode on Pac-Man addiction or the New Wave-themed Bat Mitzvah in which the actual band Devo performed well. “

On Thursday, Parker tweeted: “Struggle to find descriptive words that are adequate and appropriate to describe my eccentric self.” I need time. Because I am coming short. Gosh, that was really something. RIP Anne. Thank you. Very few 17/18 year olds get together to make up for memories. “

Beats’s later credits included writing for Murphy Brown and The Bells of Bleacher Street, producing “A Different World” and helping to write the stage musical “Leader of the Pack”. She is survived by her daughter, Jaylen; Sister Barbara Resucha; And is the niece of Jennifer and Kate Dreger.

Beats was a native of Buffalo, New York, who eventually settled with his family in Somerses. He grew up among readers and funny letters and spoke of honoring his wife.

After attending McGill University, he received an early breaking comedy for National Lampoon magazine, starring several future “Saturday Night Live” artists and writers. He left the magazine in the mid-1970s, frustrated by being mostly ignored by male employees. But when he began to date fellow writer Michael O’Donoghue, hired by producer Lern ​​Michaels, that became Night Night Live.

Michaels told Rolling Stone in 1983, “I was never a real reader of Lampoon,” but Anne was advised by Michael O’Dog. He thought I was hiring him for the wrong reasons – because O’Donohue was then his lover – and when we met, he was sociable and careful. She was a bit combative. But it was 1975. In 1975, everyone was a little belligerent. “

Beats, who initially replaced Michaels in part because he did not like television, was already known for an unusual feeling that was shared by many on “Saturday Night Live”. In a fake Volkswagen advertisement running in Lampoon, he gave an infamous slogan referring to Sen. Ted Kennedy’s 1969 car accident on Chapacadic Island: “If Ted Kennedy fired Volkswagen, he would be president today.”

In an email to The Associated Press, cast member Larryn Newman of Saturday Night Live wrote that Beatus brought the rigor of the National Lampoon with us while writing on our show. But he did not learn it at Lampoon. He already was. Such contradictions also because she was a very lovely person. “

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