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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Fish

If you want to get the most from your island Animal Crossing: New Horizons, You have to learn to go fishing. Thankfully, Nintendo has made it easy to get your hands on a fishing rod and roam the rarest of creatures. Once you understand the basics, fishing can become an attractive way to spend your time. new Horizons.

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Get a fishing rod

You will need a fishing rod before you get excited about roaming in sharks and coelacanths. Unlike previous animal crossing games, fishing rods and all other equipment are destructive – after several dozen uses, the rod will snap and you’ll have to craft a new craft. Some varieties of fishing rods are available in new Horizons, Each stronger than the last. Contains:

  • Shimmer Fishing Rod (10 Catch)
  • Strong Fishing Rod (30 catches)
  • Golden fishing rod (90 catches)

If you have the necessary components and DIY recipes, go to your workspace and start the crafting process. Anyone not a fan of DIY projects can usually pick up a fishing rod from the nook cranny for a couple of bells.

Fish how?

Animals crossing the new horizon fishAnimals crossing the new horizon fish

Once you catch a fishing rod, there is nothing else you need to do before exiting your local waterway. However, you cannot put your line anywhere and expect the fish to settle. Instead, you must personally fish out in search of a black shadow hidden beneath the surface. These come in six different sizes, and each size corresponds to a different set of fish. For example, sea bass is always one of the larger shadows in the game, while gappies have the smallest.

With his villager facing the shadows, the time has come to finish his line. Navigate the fishing rods in your list, chose Hold Option and press a Button to insert your line. You will have to remodel and remodel yourself for some time, but eventually the fish will see your babbur and start munching on the line. Try to leave the bobber directly in front of your target for the best chance to connect.

Be patient with the fish interested in the line and wait for the bobber to go completely underwater. When this happens, press and hold a Button to reel it. Push it too slow and the fish will go away. Push it long ago and you will scare the fish before going completely over the hook. It takes a little practice, but before you know it you will own a fishing.

Using fish feed

While this is not required, if you want to speed up the fishing process, it is worth a few extra minutes to craft some fishing bait. By using this item, you will be able to lure fishes to your location instead of wandering around in search of your island. The best way to get fish bait is through crafting, and you will only need one resource – the Manila Clam.

These can be found under the sand along the coast of your island. Look for water splash from the ground, take out your shovel, and dig. It takes a Manila clam to make a piece of fish bait, so we recommend stocking up before returning to your workspace.

With an inventory filled with bait, just head up to the body of water in which you want to fish, open your backpack and use your hot water. This will show a fish in front of you, which makes the fishing process more efficient.

Fishing spots

Much like the real world, fish in animal crossings live in only a few habitats. For example, you will never find more eels submerged in rivers, and it is not possible to reel in an areona when falling into the sea. It has all the different places new Horizons This is the exclusive fish house:

  • sea
  • The pier
  • River
  • River (Clifttop)
  • River mouth)
  • pond

If you want to fill your Critterpedia, you will need to put your line at each of these locations – otherwise you will miss a whole section of the catalog. Once you catch a fish, you can see its different details, but until then you have to use an online resource to know which animals are where.

Eyes fishing

This may sound strange, but many players love to fish with their eyes closed. While fishing, the game provides both visual and audible cues. We have already discussed the visual cue – that is, the bobber going underwater. However, some new Horizons Experts believe that a better way to detect audible cue is when a fish is hooked on the line. Here’s how it works.

When the bobber goes completely under water, the game will make a unique splash sound that is heard only when the fish is bent over the line. Closing their eyes, players are no longer distracted by deceptive fish bites that cause the bobber to move around, causing them to pull in their line too quickly. Instead, they simply listen for that specific splash before placing a And received his award. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a shot if you find yourself a little bouncy while fishing.

Weather and weather effects fish availability

The last thing you need to know about fishing is that the weather and weather have a direct effect on which fish can be found around your island. During the rainy season, rare fish like coelacanth are more likely to be found near your shores. The same is true for many other species – but we will let you discover those secrets on your own!

Every month, a new set of fish will arrive on your island. This means that even if you think you’ve caught everything in the month of August, September will bring a bunch more that you probably haven’t come yet. At the same time, some fish will leave at the end of each month, racing against the clock to catch all of them before they move to more suitable waters.

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