Animal Crossing Fan Danny Trejo Offers Tour of His New Horizons Island

Danny Trejo is a big fan of Nintendo Switch’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game. He has a recurring segment on Animal Talking, a talk show hosted by Gary Vitta (Wicked one) about the game. Danny Island section takes place completely Mullet As an actor’s island he gives a tour of some of his favorite things to do within the Nintendo game. For those who know Trejo’s work and part of his backstory, it’s strange, though there’s nothing wrong with being weird in it, especially if you’re Danny Trejo.

When asked about Danny’s idea for the island, Gary Vitta says, “I came up with an idea inspired by Danny’s genuine and infectious child-like love of sports.” A description of Whita is spot on within 30 seconds of watching the first segment. “When I pitched him, he immediately jumped on him.” How it is truly amazing in animal crossings: New Horizons is Trejo and how much he knows about every little thing.

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In the first six-minute episode of Danny’s Island, Danny Trejo co-hosts Adam Nickerson on a tour and shows Muscle Beach, while telling the audience how important it is to have a boombox on the sand, in his dacoit stand Tells about. They say that the late Anthony Bourdain made love, while also showing a huge collection of butterflies. One of the favorite things to do at Trujo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons is fishing. He says that he almost has a fishing rod in his hand while playing the game.

Danny Trejo’s enthusiasm at Animal Crossing: New Horizons is contagious. The actor also picks up some protein powder in video games like a slam, like he does before pumping some iron into real life. During the first installment of Danny’s Island, Trejo is filled with laughter and excitement as he faces the other characters in the game and one can tell that the actor has spent a lot of time playing it. There is absolutely nothing else to do, so Trejo is entering some serious hours on its Nintendo Switch, which is a great support.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came on the Nintendo Switch on March 20. This was at the same time as the world closed and gamers barely went to the new animal crossing game. Social media is still full of posts about sports and custom islands. It sold 5 million copies in its first month of release alone and became the best-selling game in the Animal Crossing series with sales of 13.41 million units in just six weeks. Nonlinear life simulation games played in real time have taken a lot of lives over the past few months, and Danny Trejo is one of them. You can see the first installment of Danny’s diary above, thanks to Gary Vitta’s YouTube channel.

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