Android Auto update includes car games and split-screen function
Android Auto Spring 2021 update

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Google went ahead and polished its in-car smartphone mirroring system, Android Auto. On Tuesday, the company announced some upcoming updates to the popular infotainment replacement, making the system easier to use, and providing a little more entertainment for travelers.

On the interface side of things, Google implemented new shortcuts to maintain the features you’d most like to have ready and available quickly. For example, shortcuts can take you to your contact list, if you have a compatible thermostat in your home then you can drag Google Assistant or Tinker with your home temperature. For “wide screen” cars, Android Auto will now also include a split screen view. When enabled, drivers can view real-time views Google Maps And media controls to further strengthen functions on the screen. Don’t want people with motoring away on your screen? Google also has a solution for this, as it rolls out a privacy screen option to control when the system appears on your car’s display.

The update also bundles some nifty in-car games. Not a game to pull your eyes off the road, but basic games running with Google Assistant as a sort of moderator. Voice-activated games such as Danger Now will run via Android Auto, so you can burn some time on a road trip with good OL’s fashion trivia. It all starts with the assistant’s waking phrase, “Hey, Google.” From there ask the system to play the game.

On top of all this, custom wallpapers become a thing with spring updates, so you can choose from a variety of “car-inspired” backgrounds instead of the stick with a normal look should you wish.

Google said the update would work with any phone running Android 6.0 or newer. And although spring has not started yet, users should start receiving updates in the coming days.

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