Android 12’s Extensive and Flowery Redesign Leaked

A leak has given us a detailed look at a possible redesign for Android 12, just before Google I / O, the annual developer conference where the new software is expected to be officially revealed. The leak comes from front page tech, and the information shown in the video contains both images and what appears to be an official looking promo clip.

If true, the design of Android 12 will undergo a significant redesign compared to what we are currently accustomed to seeing on Google Pixel phones. Remember, if you don’t have a Pixel phone, the Android 12 that appears on your phone may be at least partially obscured by your phone’s manufacturer interface, such as Samsung’s One UI or OnePlus’s OxygenOS.

What does the leak show? Most familiar elements will get a redesign, including controls such as clock on the lock screen, incoming notification alerts, weather widgets, and brightness and alarm snooze. There will also be a lot of dynamic size adjustment for icons, windows, and other onscreen elements. There is also a distinctly flowery shape.

The video featured a phone (possibly a Pixel 6) with wallpaper, petal-shaped icons, lots of bold colors, and a spinning camera icon that is less gear-focused and more flower-like, which is later repeated. A contact icon. It seems that Google is eager to please all of us with Android 12.

Notifications also appear ready to change, a pill-shaped alert appears at the top left of the screen, where a counter also provides information on how many alerts you are waiting for, repeated throughout the video There is another design element. The notification appears on the tablet lock screen, where the time is extended, placed in the center of the screen, and oriented vertically. what else? See lots of rounded corners, new animations, more white space on the icon, and even a new design for Google’s Gboard keyboard.

Will Android 12 look like this? Google I / O is traditionally where we take our first look at the next version of Android, before it slowly appears ahead until the final launch by the end of the year. The main presentation is a must-see event, and it takes place tomorrow, Tuesday, May 18, so we don’t have long to go before we get all the official information about Android 12. Information on how to view Google I / O, and what to expect during the event, can be found here.

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