Android 11: Beta, Release Date, Features, and Everything You Need to Know

The next version of Google’s Android software, Android 11, will likely be released in September of 2020 – and even though it won’t have a sweet, sweet-related name this year, you can expect great things. Given the epidemic concerns, Google unveiled a developer event (in fact, the company has canceled Google I / O altogether) and just released the first public beta in June, with heat in July and August Continued

You can download the beta now, if you are willing to offer some stability for the latest features. And there are plenty more than an excellent new system for controlling smart home devices to update how Android handles information in the overall user interface. It may not be a revolution, but it is a definite improvement.

If you are looking to give it a whirl, our hands on experience of using the new software runs on Android 11 beta review. In the meantime, here’s all you need to know about Android 11, including estimated release dates, greatest features, and more.

Android 11 beta release

Beta 3 of Android 11 was released on August 6, with mostly bug fixes, which prepares for the final release of Google software in the coming weeks. According to the Eagle Eyes of enthusiasts at XDA Developers, there are some changes to the beta, most notably an Easter egg that uncovers new smart home control features in the software.

The beta of Android 11 was released on July 29, with a lot of new bug fixes and platform stability that Google calls for a hit. Google doesn’t make any significant changes to beta 2 downloads, but some key features show improvements where the focus lies with the next OS. Media playback will see improvements across the board, from interface improvements to new behaviors, and the bubble notification system is also becoming more interactive.

Beta 1 of Android 11 was released on 10 June, and a bunch of new features stood out. This release included the final SDK and NDK application programming interfaces (APIs) for developers and opens Google Play publishing for apps targeting Android 11.

Android 11 release date

Google traditionally releases the final, public version of Android during the last few months of the year, often with its new Pixel smartphone. In 2019, Android 10 was released on 3 September. Expect a similar opening date for Android 11 in 2020.

Prior to the public release of a new OS, Google sends a beta version to developers to test first. The first time in the last few years came in March, although the initial developer beta of Android 11 this year came in mid-February. Traditionally, the next major Android release event took place during Google I / O, when the software received its official launch. This year was different, of course.

What will be the name of Android 11?

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Sadly, we already know its name: Android 11. If you’re waiting to hear what dessert it will be named after, like Google has done in the past, it’s fun. Aspect retired in August 2019. Going forward, future iterations Android will only be known by number, instead of a letter that is associated with a dessert. For example, Android 9 was also known as Android 9 Pie, and Android 8 was better known as Android 8 Oreo. Android 10 will be Android Q, but no sweets were officially handed over to the software due to branding changes. Sorry, Qui. Therefore, we know that Android 11 will be called Android 11, and that is all.

When will your phone be updated to Android 11?

The official public release of Android 11 will arrive in September for Google’s Pixel devices. If you own a phone made by Samsung, LG, Huawei, Nokia, Motorola or any other manufacturer, you will have to wait until the company provides an update schedule. It will come after September, but dates will vary according to the producer.

Although some phones may receive updates in 2020, the vast majority will have to wait until 2021 before receiving Android 11. There is also a chance that some new phones released from September 2020 this year will come with pre-installed Android 11. More will come in 2021.

If you are still waiting for Android 10 to arrive on your phone, you will get the latest news of its release schedule here.

What new features will Android 11 have?

Google laid out Android’s latest features in three specific key areas: People, Control and Privacy. Some of the best Android 11 features include:

  • Now you can prioritize your conversations with your most important contacts in the new “Conversations” section at the top of your notification shade.
  • Customizable not disturb enables you to choose which apps or people can still notify you when you turn on the mode.
  • A built-in screen recorder.
  • One time permission options for microphone, camera, location and more.
  • Power button shortcuts allow access to your credit / debit card stored in Google Pay, as well as control for Google Home devices.
  • Chat bubbles that allow for a smooth conversation whether you’re on the home page or in an app.
  • An “auto-reset” feature that will automatically remove app permissions if you haven’t used the app in a while.
  • New smart home control

But remember, key new features can evolve and change before the final software is released this fall.

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