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Last year, Google Launched a beta of Currents, essentially a rebrand of Google+ for G Suite users since Google+ Visited its manufacturer in April 2019 for consumers. While Google+ was intended to be an all-purpose social network, the idea behind the current is what Microsoft is doing with Yammer or Facebook with the workplace. This means giving employees a forum for internal discussions and announcements.

To complicate matters, Google kept Google+ moving even after the launch of streams, but in an email from G Suite, it has now announced that Google+ for G Suite will close its doors on July 6, After which there will be no way to exit Currents or return to Google+.

And with this, Google has put the last nail in Google’s coffin. Google+ mobile applications will automatically update to Currents. All existing links in Google+ will redirect to Currents.

Going forward, Google+ will remain only as a blurry memory, filled with a circle of friends, all of whom were forced to use their real names (at least initially), +1 buttons everywhere , Promising sparks and fun games. , Wave and more.

Currencies are all business – and while I do not know of a lot of companies using it, it seems to be a solid choice for companies that would otherwise use Yammer / Teams. Connection in Microsoft ecosystem. Now, I think, we can start the countdown before Google launches any other social network.

If you want to take a walk down memory lane, check out our Google+ history below:

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