Anakin Skywalker’s Name Is Not Said Once in Disney’s Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

The Skywalker saga, a massive epic that includes nine films spanning over four decades, culminated its run last year. Disney introduced the 2015 Star Wars sequel to fans with an early 2015 The Force AwakensWill continue in 2017 The last jedi And wrapping up with last year Rise of skywalker. Still, in all those movies, Anakin Skywalker, of course The most important of all is the Skywalker, not once mentioned by name.

This is a surprising revelation, especially considering Rise of skywalker Marketing was billed so heavily as the conclusion of the Skywalker saga. But this is true. all this. Starting with The Force Awakens, we learn that Darth Vader is still a breathtaking presence in the series, as Kilo Ren’s grandfather became an inspiration to him after falling into the Dark Side. Han also later mentioned to Leia that Kilo, aka Ben Solo, “has too much wader” in the film. But there is no mention of Anakin.

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Major Kanata also refers to Roshniwala who finds Ray “as Luke’s father”, but it is. Ankin is not going so far as to say the name Skywalker. The trend continues in The Last Jedi, with Snoke taking Vader’s name after some time, suggesting that Kylo may be a “new Vader”. But only Vader. Perhaps the biggest chance is missed when Luke and Ray are with each other and Ray reveals that Vader was roasted. Perhaps she could have mentioned Anakin as part of the ransom, or Luke may have invoked her father’s real name in response. But they did not do so.

Vader also has a presence in The Rise of Skywalker, but the biggest thing here is that Palpatine is back. Palpatine is largely responsible for turning Anakin Skywalker into Darath Vader. This is the one who supposedly picked one and turned him into the Dark Side. Palpatine could certainly have used the name Anakin. Or it could be used by someone who spoke it. Another major point in this film is that Hayden Christenson does a voice cameo at the end, when the Jedi all talk to Ray, the following says.

“Ray. Bring the remainder back, Ray, as I did. The Force surrounded you, Ray. Pick it up you.”

Anakin Skywalker debuted in Tatoin as that little boy the Phantom Menace Which was believed to be the chosen one, which would bring balance to the force. Father of Luke and Leia. The man who became Darth Vader. But there is not even a name among the three films that is heavily associated with him. Elder sister Star wars The sequels gave us a lot to talk about, for better or worse, so it was easier for it to slip through the crack. This was previously reported by Screen Rant.

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