Anakin Skywalker Will Return in New Star Wars Animated Project

We have not seen (or heard) the final of the Anakin Skywalker in a far-off galaxy. This according to actor Matt Lanter, who gave voice to the character star Wars The Clone Wars For its entire run. Although the show has ended, Lanter has revealed that he is working with Lucasfilm on some secret animation projects that will see him reprise the role once again.

Matt lanter Currently promoting her upcoming Netflix show Heritage of Jupiter. During a recent interview, he was asked about returning in the future as Anakin Skywalker. While the actor could not provide details, he confirmed that in his days Star wars Not yet counted as he was quietly working on some new animation behind the scenes. Here’s what Lanter had to say about it.

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“There’s some new Lucasfilm animation going on. I’ve been a part of a few things I can’t talk about yet. You’ll see Anakin again. I never put Anakin down, whether I’m doing a video game Or new to Lucasfilm animation. “

This is definitely a tricky development. Most especially because Clone wars Concludes its run by overlapping with events revenge of the SithIn particular the execution of Order 66. One of the last things we see is Darth Vader. So, at least in that time, Anakin is not. But, as Matt Lanter points out, he has worked on a variety of projects over the years, including Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: Battlefront II And this Force of fortune Shorts, among other things. Therefore, there are many possibilities.

Upcoming series is a strong possibility The bad batch, Which is to be released for the first time on Disney + next week. While the show woke up after the eventsClone warsThe card may have a cameo or flashback. Matt Lanter also talks about ending Clone wars Properly, which is something that fans have been waiting for years to see.

“[The series finale] Didn’t come as much of a shock as the first time because for the first time at that time we felt like we didn’t get to finish. Now, we finished properly. We got Dave to emotionally shut down the show [Filoni] Wanted to shut it down. I really think it was really cool that it premiered when everyone’s spirits were down. For Star wars Fans, it was exciting to do something new. I think it elevated everyone a little bit. “

One thing we know for sure is that Hayden will be a comeback for Christenson Obi-Wan KenobiSeries on Disney +. However, Lucasfilm has specifically stated that he is playing the character of Darth Vader, which makes sense where we left off revenge of the Sith. As it may be, we could also see a little bit from Anakin on that show. Couple that with Matt Lanter saying and it is clear that Star Wars fans are much more than Anakin Skywalker to look forward to in the future. This news comes to us through Entertainment Weekly.

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