An Essential Guide to the Robert Durst Murder Trial

An Essential Guide to the Robert Durst Murder Trial

Durst got married Debra Charatani in 2000. He hired his second wife to manage his money and moved to Galveston, Texas, where he rented an apartment pretending to be a silent woman.

“I wore the wig for the first few weeks but it’s a real inconvenience, a pain in the bush,” said Durst All good things Vaccination. “I don’t know how women do it all the time with hair in my mouth. I mean, jogging with it was absolutely impossible and after a while, I stopped doing it.”

Morris Black Lived all over the hall. Durst insisted that Black’s death in 2001 was self-defense, that his neighbor had previously fired Durst’s gun at him, after which they fought and the gun went off, fatally injuring Black. Durst said he removed the head from the body and cut the rest to dispose of Black’s remains more easily — and he got rid of the body over fears that police would not believe his story.

“I remember the nightmare I went through the next several days [after shooting Black], Trying to decide what to do, deciding that I can’t go to the police, the police are not going to believe it, “Durst recalled in the commentary.” Anyone assuming this Not that I came here to Galveston, a rich man, disguised as a woman, rented an apartment for $ 300 a month and, oh by the way, my neighbor lay in my kitchen with a shot in the face from my gun. is.”

However, a jury found him credible – or at least had reasonable suspicion of his intent – and found him not guilty of murder in 2003.

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