Amulet Trailer Will Reignite Your Fear of Demonic Possession

Amulet Trailer Will Reignite Your Fear of Demonic Possession

A new trailer for Talisman has been released. It comes from Magnolia Pictures, which acquired the rights to the horror flick after its banging debut at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. This is the feature-directorial debut of actor-director-director Romola Garai. As we can see from this first trailer, she is pulling no punch in her debut film, which is a harrowing ride.

The trailer opens with a soldier, who appears to be a bit of PTSD himself, in the form of nightmares. He then decides to help a woman and her mother in lieu of a roof over her head. It does not waste time in this situation as a creepy and unsightly situation from the beginning. But things continue to grow as demonic presence is revealed in the house. Too many creepy violins, horrifying imagery with little context and no blood loss. This captured film seems to be loaded with tropes, but it has a sense of style at the same time that helps set it apart.

The cast includes Carla Juri, Alec Sekaranu, Imelda Staunton, and Angeliki Papolia. The film is produced by Maggie Monith and Matthew James Wilkinson. In addition to directing, Romola Garai also wrote the screenplay. During an interview at Sundance, Garai had to say where his inspiration for the film came from.

“I wrote a script inspired by some research I was doing about the prosecution of some international criminal lawsuits and what could happen in a civil war when one could feel that they had committed a crime in war that they didn’t The price will have to be paid after the war ends. So it’s about revenge and it’s really about forgiveness. “

Talisman A former soldier on Tomaz (Alec Sekaranu), who finds himself homeless after an accident. He finds refuge in the dilapidated house of Magada (Carla Juri), a single young woman who needs help caring for her ailing mother. Magda initially hesitates but soon welcomes Tomaz into his life. However, as he moves closer to Magda and starts falling for her, Tamaz begins to notice strange and supernatural events. Something seems wrong with the mysterious old woman who lives exclusively on the top floor. Tomaz begins to suspect that Magda may well be a prisoner for his second bidding.

Apart from the trailer, a poster has been released which we have included for you as well. It boasts the tagline, “Believe in fear.” After its debut at Sundance, the film received positive response from critics. As of this writing, it holds a 76 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Talisman Magnolia is set to hit theaters and On Demand from Pictures on July 24. Do check out the trailer for yourself. The quote comes from the deadline.

Talisman poster

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