American Gods shines light on beauty of difference: Ricky Whittle

American Gods star Ricky Whittell says his fantasy-drama series makes an occasional commentary on the power of unity at a time when the world, especially America, is grappling with issues of race and gender.

American Gods is based on author Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel of the same name. The story primarily revolves around a war brew between the old gods of ancient mythological roots and the new gods of modern technology.

In a Zoom interview from Los Angeles with PTI, Whittell said that while the show’s third season ticks all the boxes of “entertaining watch”, it doesn’t miss the opportunity to deliver a timely message.

“We have got comedy, drama, action, fantasy, romance… but it is also a great platform to raise awareness. What we are able to do in the show highlights the beauty of difference and diversity.

“We have different castes, cultures, gender, sexual orientation. We do not take sides, call people good or bad. We say that everyone can coexist. If you believe in your God, it does not mean that my God does not exist. They co-exist.

The American Gods, according to Whittle, are a reflection of the issues with which America is hostile, the lack of acceptance of people related to various sexual orientations towards immigrants.

The British, born in 2012 as a Holiox star who moved to the US after a successful career in the United Kingdom, said producers are aware of the show’s reach and therefore are not “shy” from touching these sensitive subjects.

“In the US, they have problems with immigrants, race, gender, sexual orientation. These problems are bubbling up at the moment. But hopefully with such shows, we can raise that awareness.

“Fear comes through lack of education and understanding. So the more it is on TV, movies and around us, the more we are used to it and understand it. This is the key. Once you begin to understand, you can begin to appreciate. “

Whitet said it is undeniable that Gammon had the foresight to see “all these problems” when he wrote the book two decades ago.

The actor made his debut in 2002 with the Dream Team but had a major success in 2006 with the soap opera Hollyoaks. In the US, she secured recurring roles on 100 Ladies, Mistresses and later Apocalyptic Drama before embarking on her biggest project. American God.

As an immigrant, Whittle said that one “really gets to see America” ​​who it really is and has been living in the country for the last ten years, he has realized that “they are in such a bubble” . “

“They have no concept of foreign affairs or the world’s perception of them. I live among them and I see everything and I also have the ability to see from outside the box. I think Neil was able to capture the show. To see both sides, “he said.

Features the American Gods as the former moon shadow Moon, a man drawn into the service of the enigmatic Mr., played by actor Ian Macsen.

The show will begin on January 11 on Amazon Prime Video.

The actor said that the latest season of American Gods has been associated with Gaiman as writer and executive producer, a “massive comeback.”

“We set the bar high in season one… season two was a little sporadic at times. But for this, Neil and Chic Eagle had too long to put together, which shows in the writing. Because now you see this meticulous project, where every dip, spin and turn is planned. “

Seabut said the clarity of the series’ plot points has made his job easier because he still knows his character’s storyline for season four.

“I know my beginning, middle and end. He had time to plan the entire season with an epic season finale, the best ever.

He said, ‘I already know his story for season four because he has planned it for me. It is exciting to be able to arc already. It was great to add more layers to the shadow, ”he said.

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