AMC Theatres Delays Reopening After Mulan and Tenet Release Date Changes

AMC Theatres Delays Reopening After Mulan and Tenet Release Date Changes

Moviego will have to wait a little longer to return to AMC theaters. The largest movie theater chain in the US has pushed back its reopening date by two weeks. The company had earlier announced plans to resume operations on 15 July. Now it has been postponed till 30 July. This step has changed into some major factors.

First, public health concerns have taken center stage as states reopened. The situation has escalated once again, with complex matters for businesses that need to gather large groups of people together. Secondly, both Mulan And theory Has been pushed back for two weeks. With those blockbusters not hitting theaters, it is possible that it would be difficult to drum up enough business. AMC Theaters CEO and President Adam Aron said this in a statement.

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“We continue to dedicate exceptional resources to our plans to operate our theaters with a high commitment to the safety and health of our guests and associates, particularly in the United States through our new guest AMC Safe and Clean initiative Are. Our theater general manager across America. Has started working full time again today and is coming back to our theaters to be fully prepared just a few weeks before the filmmakers. On that happy day, when we Will be able to welcome guests to most of its American theaters, it will be Thursday. July 30. “

AMC and other theater chains such as Regal and Cinemark are taking extra precautions when regaling. This includes cleaning the auditorium after the performance, reducing the capacity of the theater and shifting tickets and concession orders online. AMC and Regal are also making masks a necessity for both employees and customers. Initially, the chains stated that they would encourage masks, but they were not needed, resulting in a huge change. Cinemark has yet to reverse course on this matter.

The us Movie theaters in and around the world have been closed since mid-March. It has had serious consequences on the entertainment industry, as the box office is expected to lose billions in 2020. Meanwhile, most of the major releases have been delayed much later, with 2021 having some push back. Release calendar is constantly changing as the situation develops.

For AMC, it is important to reopen as soon as possible. The company has a debt of over 5 billion dollars. Recently, he expressed doubts over his ability to remain viable with rumors of bankruptcy. For studios, it is extremely important to have an operational exhibition business infrastructure to showcase films. While premium VOD offerings have had some success during the shutdown, big-budget tempos such as Mulan and theory Still a huge stir is needed at the box office to return their money. As the situation develops, we will be sure to keep you posted. This news was previously reported by Variety.

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