Amazon’s New AR Tool Makes Furniture Shopping Easier

Shoppers looking online for furniture may be interested in a new Amazon offering.

The e-commerce giant is rolling out a new Augmented Reality (AR) tool, currently iOS only, that lets you virtually place multiple furniture items in a room in your home so you can see how they look Huh.

This feature, called Room Decorator, is built on the current Amazon offer of 2017 under the name AR View, which gives you a better idea of ​​placing the same item in the room to see if it will fit.

Room Decorator has the advantage of overlaying you high-quality images, as detailed by ClearTips Different Item in a room. All of you head to Amazon’s shopping app, select any furniture item that has a “view in your room” button – thousands are available at launch – and then view them in the room via a smartphone camera.

Also, unlike AR View, Room Decorator lets you use the feature when you are away from home using an image of your room that you previously took.

The Room Decorator works with selected furniture items from both Amazon and third-party vendors, with new items added all the time. As you would expect from such a facility, shoppers will see their main choice as well as recommended items, which can all be moved around the room. If you like the item, you can leave it in the shopping cart while you are still in the room decorator.

The new device is a variation on Amazon’s web-based showroom facility, which lets you fill the space provided – though not your own room – with various furniture items to see how they look together.

Shopping for furniture seems like an effective use of AR, with features like room decorator in the hope that shoppers will be able to avoid the hassle of buying something only to return it later because it just doesn’t feel right. And Amazon is not the only one with such a feature, with furniture giant IKEA, for example, also offering its own AR app for the same purpose.

Room decorator will be added via an update to Amazon’s mobile app starting today, with all users expected to have it within the next few weeks.

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