Amazon really just renamed a Seattle stadium ‘Climate Pledge Arena’ – TipsClear

Amazon really just renamed a Seattle stadium ‘Climate Pledge Arena’ – TipsClear

Probably the most-rogue tech company, as perennial front-runner for Amazon’s title There is a long way to go to rehabilitate its image as a take-no-prisoners, industry-consolidated money machine.

In a bold attempt to do so, the company announced today that it would buy the rights to Seattle KeyArena, an aging stadium currently under redevelopment in the city. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos claims that the stadium will be “the first pure zero carbon certified arena in the world.”

Jeff Bezos wrote on Instagram, “Instead of calling it Amazon Arena, we’re naming it Climate Pledge Arena as a regular reminder of climate action.”

Other regular reminders for necessary climate action include the company’s own employees who are walking out to protest the lack of accountability on climate issues, the ongoing courtship with oil and gas companies and several times a day In huge amounts we see Amazon delivery vans discontinue dropping packages. On the same block.

Addressing its record of climate apathy, Amazon announced a $ 2 billion investment earlier this week as part of the same climate-friendly PR blitz to reduce the company’s massive carbon footprint.

Bezos himself announced in February that he would invest $ 10 billion of his personal wealth in a fund to address climate change, which is probably the least you can do when you have a large number of ordinary people. Have wealth Workers, environment and whatever got in the way.

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