Amazon buys self-driving startup Zoox – TipsClear

Amazon buys self-driving startup Zoox – TipsClear

Adventuress Autonomous Driving Acquires, Microsoft Closes Its Retail Store and Raises Health Insurance Startup Oscar $ 225 Million.

Here’s your daily crunch for June 26, 2020.

1. Amazon acquires autonomous driving startup Zox

According to Amazon’s announcement, Zox The current CEO Ayesha Evans will continue as a standalone business, with CTO and co-founder Jesse Levinson continuing in their roles. Financial Time reports that the deal is worth $ 1.2 billion.

Amazon is working on its own autonomous vehicle technology projects, including its last-mile delivery robot. The company has also invested in autonomous driving startup Aurora and has tested self-driving trucks operated by self-driving cargo startup Embark.

2. Microsoft is closing all its retail stores for good

As other retailers begin the slow process of reopening, Microsoft has announced that it will permanently close the vast majority of its retail stores. The remaining locations – in cities such as London, New York City and Sydney, as well as Microsoft’s Redmond campus – will become “Microsoft Experience Centers” rather than standard retail stores.

3. Oscar has another $ 225 million investment in health insurance platform

Oscar’s insurance customers have the distinction of being among the most active users of telemedicine in the United States, according to the company. About 30% of patients with insurance plans from Oscar have used telemedical services, only 10% across the country.

4. Lucky Coffee will not delist from Nasdaq following fraud allegations

An investigation by the company’s board found that Luckyne had increased sales after essentially buying large orders of coffee by affiliated companies, which never delivered. And of course, this fraud when you put it on a 10-K form and submit it to the SEC.

(Also, it’s very important to me that you know: I didn’t write this title.)

5. Four approaches: Will Apple trim the App Store?

Given its wide reach, is it time for Apple to change its terms? Will the company slowly let its revenue share go that good night, or does it have enough resources to keep the new laws at bay and molize the increasingly vocal community of software developers? (Additional Crunch membership required.)

6. Google finally brings group calling to Nest Hub Max

Video chat has long been one of the main selling points of smart screens such as the Amazon Echo Show and Google’s Nest Hub Max (regular hubs don’t have cameras). But until yesterday, the latter only gave users the option to make one-on-one calls.

7. Amazon actually renamed just one Seattle Stadium edge Climate Pledge Arena ‘

Another Amazon story to kick off the week: The company is buying the rights to Seattle’s Kerena, an aging stadium currently under redevelopment. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said, “Instead of calling it the Amazon Arena, we are naming it as a climate pledge zone, a regular reminder of the urgent need for climate action.”

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