Amazon, Apple, Google ban Parler app over violent content around Capitol attack

Google bans Parler app and Apple could do the same after Capitol Hill attack

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Amazon, Apple and Google on Wednesday banned Parlar social networking apps from their respective services and the App Store Attack on US Capitol by crowd of Trump supporters. Parler Violent comments made sense Before the attack on the Capitol.

Parler CEO John Mattez posted on his app late Saturday that Amazon had informed him that it would no longer help host its app on its Amazon web site platform. Following the earlier announcements by Apple and Google, the move will be accompanied by the app being pulled from their respective App Stores.

“It was a coordinated attack by tech giants to kill competition in the market,” Mattez wrote, adding that his service had become “very rapidly successful”. He did not address his forum Relatively loose moderation rule Or its use by extremists before the Capitol Hill riots. He also did not mention growing concerns that social media apps, including Parler, are being organized in the coming weeks.

Neither Amazon did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Earlier in the day, Apple said in a statement that it had banned Parlar from its App Store because it had properly thwarted police content posted by users.

“Apple has always supported various points of representation on the App Store, but there is no place on our platform for violence and threats of illegal activity,” the company said. “Parler has not taken adequate measures to address the spread of these threats to protect people. We have suspended Parler from the App Store until they resolve these issues.”

The App Store is the only way to distribute applications to iPhones, therefore posing a serious challenge to online services, although they are often accessible through websites.

Apple’s move followed Google’s decision to remove Parler’s Android app from its Play Store on Friday.

“We are aware of the continued posting in the Parler app that seeks to incite ongoing violence in the US,” Google said. “We believe that there can be a fair debate about content policies and that it may be difficult for apps to immediately remove all violent content, but for us to distribute an app through Google Play, we need Is to implement strong moderation for app aggressive content. “

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Google’s ban won’t affect Parler as much as Apple’s Android users can “sideload” apps without having to leave the Play Store, if they so choose. The capability is disabled by default, however.

Deleting a platform

The modern Internet provides an abundance of platforms to communicate directly to millions of people, and has proved challenging. Balance the benefits of online discussion with drawbacks.

After the company’s employees were called to work, Parler’s CEO Matze warned that his app be removed from Amazon’s web services. Amazon employees wrote in a tweet, “We can’t get caught up in more bloodshed and violent attacks on our democracy.”

Less than a day later, he declared victory. “We demanded white supremacists to remove Amazon, to act as bullhorns to incite violence and attack their democracy,” the group said.

In Apple’s case, the iPhone maker sent a warning letter on Friday, seeking to improve its moderation of the app, according to Buzzfeed.

“We have received numerous complaints about objectionable content in your parlor service, alleging that the parlor app was used on January 6, 2021 to plan, coordinate and facilitate illegal activities in Washington DC. The cause (among other things) led to the loss of life Apple reportedly told Parler, “destruction of property, and destruction of property.” The app is still used to plan and facilitate illegal and dangerous activities. “” If we do not receive an updated complaint with the App Store Review Guidelines and the Moderation Improvement Plan requested in writing within 24 hours If that happens, your app will be removed from the App Store. “

In a follow-up letter to the developers of the parlor, Apple stated that it was still seeing unacceptable content on Parler.

“In your response, you mentioned that the parlor has been taking this material ‘seriously’ for weeks,” Apple wrote. “However, the procedures Parler has put in place to prevent or prevent the spread of dangerous and illegal content have proved inadequate. In particular, we have continued to call for direct threats of violence and inciting lawless action. . “

And Apple was not satisfied with a clear plan put forward by Parler.

“Your response also refers to a moderation plan ‘for the time being,’ which does not meet the ongoing requirements in the App Store guidelines”, Apple wrote. “While there is no perfect system to prevent all dangerous or disgusting user content, apps require robust content moderation schemes to effectively and effectively address these issues. A temporary ‘task force’ will spread wide Given there is not enough response. With harmful material. “

Parler did not respond to Apple’s request for comment on the ban.

In a parlor post on Friday, CEO Matt challenged Apple’s position, saying Apple does not hold Twitter or Facebook to the same standard. “Obviously they believe that Parler is responsible for the user generated on Parler,” he said. “By the same logic, Apple should be responsible for all actions taken by their phones. Every car bomb, every illegal cell phone conversation, every illegal crime committed on an iPhone, should also be responsible for Apple.”

Apple did not respond to a request for comment on Matt’s comments.

Content crackdown on social media

The biggest example of deplatforming occurred on a Friday Twitter suspended President Donald Trump permanently“Account” of the risk of further incitement to violence.

On January 8, 2021, Twitter suspended President Donald Trump's Twitter account.

Twitter permanently suspended President Donald Trump’s Twitter account on Friday.

Screenshot by Stephen Shankland / CNET

Following the uprising in the Capitol, which led to death, vandalism and property damage – not to mention insult to a national and international symbol of democracy – social media sites are taking a stern stance against dangerous activities they consider dangerous . Facebook and Instagram blocked Trump from new posts “Indefinitely.” Reddit kills The_Donald, A major right-wing discussion forum, and Twitter banned many high-profile accounts Right-wing, fake QAnon associated with conspiracy theories.

In a Friday tweet, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a prominent New York Democrat, was Google and Apple were called to action After the violence was reported at the parlor.

Parler’s increasing importance

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have increased the importance of right-wing activists. On Wednesday, Trump has put kibosh on social media accounts following the uproar of loyalists in the Capitol.

Apple quoted the parlor as saying on Friday, “Our investigation has found that Parler effectively encourages unlawful activity and removes content and encourages illegal activity and poses a serious threat to users’ health and safety Does. ” handful of Examples Allegedly Showing violent threats. “Content of this dangerous and harmful nature is not appropriate for the App Store. As you know from prior conversations with App Review, Apple requires apps with user-generated content to create objectionable, potentially harmful Content can be filtered. Intent is intended to incite others for good or violence or other chaotic acts are never acceptable on the App Store. “

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