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Amazon closed the weekend with a little backlash on a social media offensive that unfolded during the days of voting for a historic union. Allegedly earlier comments Jeff Bezos was pushing for a more aggressive strategy.

The Amazon News Twitter account went toe-to-toe with Congressman Mark Poken, with Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren taking over. The Wisconsin Democrat cited repeated stories of Amazon workers urinating in bottles in response to comments from consumer CEO, Dave Clark.

“You really don’t believe in talking in bottles, do you?” The account asked. “If it were true, nobody would work for us. The truth is that we have over a million incredible employees around the world who are proud of their work, and have been doing very high salaries and healthcare since day one. “

The initial reaction of the Congress was on Pithi and this point:[Y]es, I believe your worker. Don’t you? “

Later reports cement those stories. The issue of urination among Amazon drivers is called “widespread”, stating that defecation was also a problem. Last night, the company said it was outstanding[s] An apology to Representative Pokaran. “

Things break down a bit from there. Amazon’s apology acknowledges that it is one thing for workers to pee in bottles, but it does mean that it is limited to drivers and not the employees of the fulfillment center at the center of this massive unionization effort. From there, the company said that drivers urinating in bottles is an “industry-wide issue and not exclusive to Amazon.”

The company includes a list of links and tweets that help, at the very least, an indictment of the gig economy and the treatment of blue collar workers, generally. Essentially, Amazon is admitting to being a part of the problem, while defectively working to spread the flaw in the faulty system.

Reports of workers urinating in bottles also overtake the drivers, including act by warehouse workers resorting to meeting stringent quotas.

“A typical Amazon fulfillment center has dozens of toilets, and employees are able to move away from their work station at any time,” the company attributed to Amazon staff. “If an employee of a fulfillment center has a different experience, we encourage them to talk to their manager and we will work to fix it.”

Union vote counting for the company’s Bessemer, Alabama warehouse began last week. The results can have a wide impact on both Amazon and the industry at large.

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