Aly Goni: If not votes, I did win hearts on Bigg Boss 14

Eli Gony may not have won Bigg Boss 14, but he won his love of life – Jasmine Bhasin – on the show. In addition, the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor formed a strong friendship with Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya, which, according to her, would cherish for life.

The actor turned 30 on Thursday, moving to Jammu to spend time with his family. In an exclusive chat with, Ellie shared, “This is a milestone year for me. Also, since I have been away from them for so long, I have decided to stay with my family on my birthday. Jasmine will also accompany me. “

The actor further shared about his Bigg Boss 14 journey, the best and worst moments and he is withdrawing from the show.

Excerpts from the conversation…

How disappointing was it to get the fewest votes among the finalists?

It was a bit sad but you can’t help it. To be honest, no vote, I have received a lot of love from the audience. And he makes up for it. I feel truly blessed and happy with the way people are responding to my journey.

Rahul is a bestie, and you also share a strong bond with Rubina. What do you think about winning the show after defeating Rahul?

I wanted Rahul to win but I was equally happy to see Rubina taking the trophy. She has given a lot to the show, and deserves a win.

Many feel that if you had been in this show from the beginning, you would have definitely won. Do you regret your decision to join Midway?

If I don’t come this season, I don’t think I would have ever done Bigg Boss. I was offered the show several times but I was never interested. This time, I only came to support Jasmine and was not fighting for the trophy.

There is a saying that if you cannot be a king, then be a king. You were always more interested in pursuing Rahul and Jasmine.

I don’t think so and I never thought how I should play the game. I just wanted to be myself. The other reality shows that I did – Khatron’s player and Nach Baliye 9 need to do a rehearsal once, with a lot of effort and to give someone the best. It is a personality-driven show, and I wanted people to love who I am. Honestly, I have always been protective and supportive of my friends even in real life. And both Rahul and Jasmine made their way into the show themselves. As stated, I feel that I was the true king in the house because no one challenged me.

Not a trophy but what are you taking back home from Bigg Boss 14?

So many memories and lots of respect. Everyone is telling me that I entered with a clean image, and am going back the same way. In shows like Bigg Boss, there is a lot of task. I won the heart if not the vote, and it is more important to me.

Before entering Bigg Boss, you told us that Jasmine and you are just friends. When did you realize that this is love?

After a long time in the house, and it was amazing. I am so happy that we both felt that it was love, and it has made our friendship even more special. I think you can’t look out for love and happiness, it just comes to you when the time is right.

It is easy to maintain a happy relationship when you are just two in a closed setup. Are you ready to take your love in the real world?

Absolutely. I will never take such a decision. Honestly, I’m really excited and looking forward to that experience. I want to date her, get engaged and get married. I now want to travel with Jasmine all my life and her beautiful experiences.

What has been the best and worst moment for you in Bigg Boss 14?

There are many good ones, but I will take time to enter the house. Jasmine was so surprised, because she knows that I will never do a show like this. Just surprised to see the happiness on his face. For the worst, it hit me every time I had a quarrel or controlled my temper.

While you were at home, you missed your first web series, the wedding of your best friend and the birth of your niece. There is a lot to catch up on right now.

Yes, and all these moments were really special to me, which I was looking forward to. When I was locked inside, I didn’t even know what was happening in the real world. Now I will take some time out and cherish all these experiences with my loved ones.

Rubina Dilaiq won Bigg Boss 14 by defeating Rahul Vaidya.

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