Alphabet union condemns YouTube’s response to pro-Trump riot at US Capitol

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Alphabet employees slammed YouTube on Thursday.

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Alphabet Employees Union on Thursday Called youtube The union’s first major assignment earlier this week, in response to the riots at the US Capitol a day earlier.

At least four people were killed in an attack by a Trump supporter crowd that devastated the Capitol as Congress met to certify Joe Biden as the next US president. In order not to ban President Donald Trump from the platform, Alphabet Association shut down YouTube, which also owns the company.

Instead, the company deleted a video Trump posted in response to the crowd, in which he repeated unfounded claims of widespread election fraud and told the rioters, “We love you. You’re so special.”

“We know that social media has led to a growing fascist movement in the United States and we are particularly cognizant that YouTube, an alphabet product, has played an important role in this growing threat, which There has been insufficient response by YouTube officials. ” The union reads the statement.

The union is made up of at least 400 workers at Google parent company Alphabet. Unlike a traditional union, it does not have collective bargaining rights, and one of its main goals is to push the alphabet to act ethically, its founders say.

YouTube did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Pushback from the association comes in the form of social media companies Climbed trump In the wake of the attack. Twitter suspended Trump’s account for 12 hours and Facebook indefinitely banned his account.

After deleting Trump’s video the day before, YouTube on Thursday Announced a change in its policies. The platform will now issue a strike on any account that posts videos making false claims about election fraud. Under YouTube’s rules, three strikes within a 90-day period result in the platform being permanently kicked. The first strike comes with a one-week ban from posting content. The second strike came with a two-week ban.

YouTube first announced a policy update last month against claims of electoral fraud, but allowed a grace period before criminals could be punished by the strike. The grace period was scheduled to end on Inauguration Day on 20 January, but was pushed up due to disturbing events that aired yesterday. “

Changing YouTube’s policy on Thursday reduces direct action against the president. “We consistently enforce our policies and penalties, no matter who uploads it,” the company Said in a tweet.

A YouTube spokesman said the company did not feel the need to specifically address Trump because the platform already placed its three-strike policy on prohibiting creators from posting content. The spokesman also said that the false claims could not only be from Trump himself but would also apply to policy within and within the president’s class.

The Alphabet Union said YouTube officials have not gone far enough to rein in Trump. The union said, “Once again, YouTube’s response was lacking, demonstrating the continued policy and inadequate enforcement of its guidelines against the use of the platform to spread hate and extremism.”

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