Alicia Keys’ Morning Skincare Routine Will Instantly Calm You

No one, no one, no one loves the skin you love Alicia Keys.

Eventually, she switched makeup to a national conversation going back to 2016 and has since become synonymous with a subtle makeup look – if she wore any at all.

But, in letting your natural beauty shine, it is more important to show your skin some major love. In a new “beauty secrets” the trend The video, the Grammy-winning songwriter did the same, as she introduced fans step by step through her morning skincare routine.

After getting up early and possibly doing some meditation or workout, Keys goes to the bathroom to resume her beauty for the day. First, by lighting a candle and establishing an intention for what he is seeing in the day.

Then, if he is sweating, it is time to clean his skin, followed by a powder powder mixed with an aloe vera gel. After that it is washed off, Keys soaks up some generous spirits of rose water spray and mixes in some eye cream before applying a light layer of moisturizer with sunscreen for her sensitive skin and lip balm for moisturized pout .

While the routine may sound familiar, there is something about the calming voice of the key that has us going through a process that has instantly calmed our souls.

The 39-year-old also shared some good habits, including how she has learned to maintain good skin from the inside, including drinking water, dairy and cutting bread and avoiding fried foods.

For Keys’ headwrap routine, see the trendAbove and overall the video, especially in these challenging times, he noted his simple advice: “Take that time for yourself and if you feel overwhelmed by yourself … run to your bathroom and exhale , Exhale – do this 10 times. “

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