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Alexis Ohanian, Reddit founder and former CEO, The Minneapolis Police killed the unarmed black man George Floyd after a nationwide protest against police brutality. Stepped down from his position on the company’s board with ropes on Friday.

Ohanian is calling the company he founded to fill his position with a black board member, a high-profile move for a company with its Rocky track record around race issues.

Ohanian said in his declaration, “I believe that resignation can actually be an act of leadership of the people in power.” “Everyone is fighting to fix our broken nation: don’t stop.”

With the verdict, Ohanian also announced that the future gain of his company’s stock would be invested in the black community, “primarily to curb racial hatred.” According to reliable sources this amount could be around $ 50 million. His first step would be to give $ 1 million to No Your Rights Camp, an organization founded by Colin Kaepernick, which focuses on self-empowerment and protection for black and brown communities.

The move by Ochian has led many leaders within Tech to give their reactions to the industry saying that it suffers from racism. Tech companies have long been criticized for their widespread lack of black leadership at the highest levels, a failure likely to be their myriad policy failures around the race – like the fact that Facebook took on white nationalism only a year ago Was banned.

“I co-founded @reddit 15 years ago to help people find a sense of community and belonging. It is long overdue to do the right thing. I am doing this for me, my family and my country. Ohanian wrote on Twitter. “I am saying this as a father who needs to be able to answer his black daughter when asked: क्याWhat did you do?”

Update: Reddit CEO Steve Huffman (u / spez) said the company would honor the request to replace Ohanian with a black board member.

Ohanian stepped away from his daily duties at Reddit in 2018 but held a seat on the board at the time. His chances of getting his hands on the company he founded have been gradual over the years, as he spent more time on initial capital after co-founding the initial capital fund. In recent years, Ohanian has become a more vocal advocate for policies such as paid family leave, invoking more equitable, flexible leave policies and citing his own experience as a father. In 2017, Ohanian had a daughter with his wife, tennis veteran Serena Williams.

Reddit occupies a unique place among social media platforms. It has largely avoided the headlines of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but not for lack of its own systemic problems. While it has not been high-profile, the platform has faced its own calculations in recent years around content that is harmful to host of racist content on subcommunities such as r / blackpeoplehate, r / The_Donald and others. . Reddit has taken action against those communities over time, either banning them outright or putting them in a state of “quarantine” where they don’t appear in the search or recommendations and the user needs to click to see them is needed.

The history of the company diversifying its leadership has been bleak. In 2015, the company’s interim CEO Ellen Pao resigned due to internal turmoil at the company and a backlash from its users. As we reported in 2016, more than a dozen senior Reddit employees, many of them women and people of color, left the company with the resulting tumor. As it continued its campaign to crack down on violence and hate speech, last year Reddit brought in its first female board member, Porter Gayle.

In a post on Reddit, Huffman addressed the company’s troubled history, allowing often violent and extreme racist content to flourish on platforms.

“In 2018, I confused that racism is not against the rules, but it is also not welcome on Reddit. The gap between our content policy and our values ​​destroyed our effectiveness in combating hate and racism on Reddit Is; I accept full responsibility for this.

He also acknowledged employees’ concerns about the company’s policy decisions, responding to an email this week about the ongoing protests and the killing of George Floyd.

“These questions, which I know are coming from a place of real pain and what I take to heart, are really a statement: there is an unacceptable difference between people and our beliefs as a company, and you are our What we see in the content policy, ”Huffman said.

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