Pro and Cons for Students and Parents, All We Know

In this article, we will discuss the latest buzz created on Alberta Parental Rights Legislation. If you are the parent of a child and you reside in Alberta then you must know this latest news.

Alberta Parental Rights Legislation

The new Parental Rights Legislation will define the parent’s right to be a primary decision maker in educating their kids. Many citizens agreed that students under 16 years should get their parent’s approval for using different nouns or pronouns. The aim is to help children to talk and discuss freely about sexuality by including their parents’ opinions in it.

Alberta Teachers Association do not want Smith to launch the new Parental Rights Legislation this week. ATA must be surely a part of such policies when it comes to schools and students.

What Was The Matter

On 27 January Premier surprised all the Alberta citizens by introducing a new law for protecting parental rights. On Saturday she visited a meeting of the United Conservative government where she was honoured with standing applause for the new law. She stated that the law will be fully implemented by this week.

Alberta Parental Rights Legislation

An anonymous caller raised a question regarding parental rights to which Smith smartly replied saying the following lines. Smith clearly stated that she does not find anything wrong with parents protecting their child’s freedom on sexuality issues. Also, she added that children should have full right to make decisions for themselves

Pros and Cons for Students and Parents

While making any lawsuit the pros and cons must be considered. We as a government fail if we implement such rules among the students without proper trials and neglecting the parents’ opinion.

All We Know

The goal is to find a balance between letting kids express themselves, especially regarding the discussion on sexuality. Premier Smith wants to keep the decision less political. In case the bill gets passed in Alberta it would become the second province to validate this type of law. The existing province of Saskatchewan has already implemented a similar law under Bill 137.

Parents play a crucial role in any child’s life. As a minor child, it becomes very difficult to decide for themselves. Decision-making power is one of the vital skills a child should acquire after gaining puberty. In Alberta, the child possesses decision-making power from the age of five. Well, this can be a negative point at such a premature age they cannot make an exact decision.


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